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The smallest details can certainly make every piece of furniture stand out from the background. What sets a foosball table apart from any table you might have is its x-factor. This, simply put, is giving you more add-on value in entertainment aside from the standard definition of a table. It’s not just dead wood lying around the room for people to put things for it to hold. The foosball table is far from that purpose – it is interactive and visually stimulating for a soccer fan.


Warrior Pro Table

KICK Legend



warrior foosball table custom made

KICK Titan



Carrom Signature

Carrom Signature


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Your choice of 9 Best Foosball Tables On The Market

To make sure you get the best rated foosball table for your home or office, make sure you follow these suggestions. For us, the best foosball table is not the most expensive high performance. It’s the one that best meets your needs. We will discover all the pros and cons and answer the most frequently asked questions. In this way, you will choose the best product. This is our new and updated list of the 9 best foosball tables on the market.

#1 Kick Legend

5 Stelline
Kick Legend Foosball Table

Brand: Kick
Model: Legend
Weight: 143 lbs
Product Dimensions:
55.25 x 38.25 x 8.75 inches


4 Stelline
Best Foosball Table

Brand: Kick
Model: Triumph
Weight: 286 pounds
Product Dimensions:
55 x 30 x 36 inches

#3 Warrior Professional Tournament

4 Stelline
Best Foosball Table

Brand: Warrior
Model: PRO Model
Weight: 200 pounds
Product Dimensions:
55 x 36 x 32 inches

#4 Harvil Striker

3 Stelline
Harvil Striker

Brand: Harvil
Model: Striker
Weight: 42 lbs
Product Dimensions:
47.2 x 25.1 x 5 inches

#5 Hathaway Playoff

3 Stelline
Harvil Striker

Brand: Hathaway
Model: Playoff
Weight: 51 lbs
Product Dimensions:
48 x 24 x 33 inches

#6 Atomic Proforce

3 Stelline
Harvil Striker

Brand: Atomic
Model: Proforce
Weight: 144 lbs
Product Dimensions:
29.5 x 56 x 34.5 inches

#7 Playcraft Sport

3 Stelline
Harvil Striker

Brand: Playcraft
Model: Sport
Weight: 63 lbs
Product Dimensions:
48 x 24 x 31 inches

#8 Tornado Sport

5 Stelline

Brand: Tornado
Model: TTXSP
Weight: 205 pounds
Product Dimensions:
56 x 30 x 36 inches

#9 Carrom Signature

4 Stelline
Carrom Signature

Brand: Carrom
Model: Signature
Weight: 180 pounds
Product Dimensions:
57 x 31 x 17 inches

What Is The Best Foosball Table

Here’s a checklist on what is the most propper foosball table and what it has to offer:

  • First off, you need to determine whether the foosball table is for your kids, for family use, or for training in tournaments. This is where you will base the features, specifications, and price range that you need for your foosball table.
  • There are illegal or spun foosball tables in the market which is priced way low which should give you a clue that it’s fake. Tempting, but you should always prioritize quality foosball tables rather than be shortchanged for buying knock-offs.
  • Whether it’s for recreational or for professional foosball table tournament style, investing in high-quality tabletop or premiere foosball tables is always the best option. If you think that it would be too pricey for you to afford, a few hundred dollars to save for buying low-quality foosball tables won’t be worth it over the long haul. Go for the top-rated foosball tables than the toy tables because it is worth the investment.
  • Your kids will ultimately grow up (faster than you think) and will need standard-size tables. Invest in full-size foosball tables (36”) that are adjustable in height.
  • The cabinets, legs, and playing surface must be high-quality and made of durable materials that can withstand long-time use and abuse when playing.
  • You can also check out manufacturers that can do custom-made foosball tables according to your desired color that can match your furniture or home decor.
  • Make sure that there are no “dead spots” in the surface of the table because this can get in the way of a smooth gaming experience as the players will be unable to get to the ball.
  • Thicker is always better when it comes to the material of foosball tables. Check for loose ends like if the paint is starting to peel off or if the table legs are crappy or shaky because this could mean it’s not made out of high-end materials.
  • Check out resale value whenever you buy foosball tables. Every item you purchase especially if you are looking to buy premiere foosball tables is deemed an investment piece which could appreciate in value over time or you could resell it to gain instant profit. The thing is – you should buy low and sell high. It is recommended to buy online from reputable stores because you can get it for a much lower price which you can re-sell locally for a higher price tag.


What Is The Best Brand of Foosball Table

What Is The Best Brand of Foosball Table

The five (5) official foosball brands are Roberto Sport, Bonzini, Tornado, Garlando, Kick, Leonhart, Chicago Gaming, and Fireball. These are all recognized by ITSF as standard tables that can participate in annual international tournaments. That being said, it doesn’t mean that these are the finest foosball table brands. There are many great brands, many of which are more affordable.

A standard foosball table is basically composed of 8 rods, balls, table soccer figures, and handles. Goals are placed at each end; with a spot to serve right in the middle. Each team makes use the handles to move their respective players into striking the ball towards the opposing team’s goal. The key is to always keep the ball on the right side and defend the left side of the table

With the rising popularity of foosball especially with the younger breed – market prices fluctuate and a lot of sellers could be taking advantage of the hike. It’s really difficult to make that buying decision which is why you have to check reviews before sealing the deal. The demand for foosball tables are high and the supply seems to be very limited which accounts for why there are a lot of pricey models out in the market. Check below and make sure you get the finest foosball table.

But what is the best foosball table brand? Checking out certain specifications and features, you will observe that there are items which have exactly the same features and material but have a different range of prices. You have to know what sets one apart from the other to make an informed purchasing decision. It pays to read foosball table reviews and get into the loop of foosball. There are specific rules of engagement for every foosball warrior. Push the envelope further. Never settle for less because of every mancave deserve the best table for foosball.

What Is A Good Foosball Table To Buy

What Is The Best Foosball Table To Buy

A foosball table is an awesome addition to any home or public area. The unit allows friends and family to enjoy quality time indoors or outdoors. The game is undoubtedly fun and competitive. The number of players varies depending on the type of table involved. 

But what is the top foosball table to buy? Buyers can find a variety of brands and models on the market, including a Kick foosball table, Tornado Sport, and Garlando G-500 Soccer Table. These foosball tables represent high-quality options designed to satisfy the needs of both children and adults. Some products come with advanced scoring systems, well-designed levelers, and counterweighted miniature men. They mimic the designs of professional-grade units. 

Tables like the Kick Venture are ideal for beginners. They allow first-time users to learn the basic skills without spending a fortune. You can buy them for less than $300. Units with prices ranging between $500 and $800 come with various features. 

Professional Foosball Table

Professional Foosball Table

Professional foosball table units provide multiple advanced features, which enable experienced users to enjoy a competitive game. They offer great value thanks to the advanced features. Some models come with a coin mechanism that handles payments to dispense balls. 

The number of men fitted on each rod is a differentiating factor to consider when purchasing a table. Manufacturers often install a single goalie while some units feature a side defender. The defender takes positions on either side of the goalie. Tables with this arrangement use a three-goalie system. 

The dimensions of professional tables vary significantly. Buyers can pick the ideal product based on specific playing and storage requirements. Larger tables are robust thanks to the construction materials used. The cabinet comes with thick boards, which promote improved ball control. 

On the other hand, large professional tables have cabinets with increased durability, strength, and weight.

Best Mini Foosball Table

Small Foosball Table

Mini foosball table is ideal for kids. Unlike the standard units, it offers flexibility and portability. Additionally, small tables provide a viable option for children.

Foosball involves precision play. You should buy the right table to enhance the quality of the game. Selecting a small table with a leveling system makes it easier to adjust the unit for flatness. Threaded legs allow you to raise or lower the base by simply twisting.

Some manufacturers offer products with telescoping legs. Alternatively, you can opt for small tables with stacking shims. The threaded systems provide convenience and ease of use. 

Many smaller units come in plastic, which improves stability. However, some plastic variants are not durable. Conversely, metal tables provide a durable and stable option. On the downside, they are heavier and come at a higher price.

Custom Foosball Table

Custom Foosball Table

A Custom foosball table will allow you to create a table that closely matches your playing requirements. You can pick the best design for the players or men to suit specific aesthetic and functional preferences. The good design maximizes control and precision to improve the standard of play. 

The players come in a variety of styles and shapes. You can switch them depending on your needs for the matches. On another level, you can select the ideal leveler for your table. Doing so prevents the platform from shaking and impeding the flow of the game. With the levelers, it becomes easier to keep the legs firm on the ground while maintaining balance. 

Precision depends on the stability and balance of the table. With a custom table, you can change various components, including the rods, balls, cup holders, and the table light. 

The rod is an expensive part of the table that requires proper care. It helps you maintain control of the game by improving maneuverability and the flow of the game. Lightweight rods are ideal for enhancing performance.

WHAT ARE Commercial Foosball Tables

Commercial Foosball Tables

Commercial foosball tables are a great accessory to put in areas with a lot of people. For example, college dorms are beefed up with superb amenities that are sure to entice college students to mingle and be active in sports. There are universities which provide top-notch amenities like private pools, movie theaters, media lounges, music rooms, and sports areas with foosball tables and other gaming amenities, to name some of the features. These range from the most opulent or lavish ones up to the practical amenities that make every dorm conducive to socialization and learning.

One of the top favorite amenities to dorms is a foosball table (I remember my one of my first college experiences was playing on an vintage Warrior foosball table with my new friends). This gaming concept has been around for many years since its conception in 1921. Among contemporaries like the billiards table and ping pong, the popularity of foosball table transcends age and gender. This is a great addition to any dorm because it injects violence-free and fun simulation of soccer that is great for group playing. Playing foosball takes a lot of hand-eye coordination skills and encourages teamwork.

Top Rated Foosball Tables

Top Rated Foosball Tables

The market is overflowing with top rated foosball tables from which to choose. The best units include Kick Foosball Legend, Tornado Sport, Hathaway Playoff, Warrior Professional, and Playcraft Sport Foosball Table.

The Kick Legend Foosball Table provides real value for money. The unit is an elegant yet sturdy option made of durable materials. This top of the range product has two options: the single and the three-goalie system. The design enhances dribbling capacity thanks to the use of semi-solid rods and counter-balanced players.

The Warrior Professional Foosball Table is an affordable option for beginners. It offers an impressive playing experience thanks to the sturdy construction. This unit comes with the proprietary rod guard feature. It enhances the safety of the table for the benefit of all users. The laminated cabinet ensures flexibility and keeps the unit light in weight. 

Foosball Tables Reviews 2021

Foosball Tables Reviews 2019

Do you want to get an excellent game-room? Well, in this case, nothing can be the best option other than Foosball tables. You can now get the chance of spending long entertainment hours just by using these gaming tables. Check out these awesome, interesting facts on Wikipedia, then check out our foosball tables reviews 2019.

  • In case of standard foosball-tables, 22 and 26 players are usually found. Due to configurations, the player-count differs. 22-players are being divided into two teams of 11 members each. In the case of 26-players, 13 members are found in each team.
  • Two most popular configurations that have been included in these tables are a three-man goalie and one-man goalie.
  • Varied sizes are now available in these tables. In accordance of player count, you can make a selection of the right size. You also need to consider your space, preference and requirement for deciding the exact size. Two commonest sizes are now available in classy foosball-tables.
  • The players need to abide by some strictest rules for playing foosball-game. Tournament-playing guidelines need to be read thoroughly for participating in big tournaments.
  • The balls can be now hit almost at 35mph speed. In fact, this speed holds back the gaming interests and player enthusiasm for long.
  • Foosball-game is getting played since early of 1950, so it has almost a 70 year history. This is one of the best traditional games and now it is getting practiced at almost every corporate office.
  • Longest foosball-table recorded at Guinness-book has got a length of almost 121, 40 me. Turin, Italy is the place where this table has been manufactured. Almost 424 players can play Foosball on this table.
  • Steel-rods are being used for getting a proper hold. These rods are pretty hollow and lighter. These durable rods help in playing the concerned game with greater speed.
  • Table-legs are very much adjustable in nature and thus the table-height can be easily adjusted as per the height of the players. Adults or older teens can now smoothly carry-on their games without any inconveniences due to the presence of these flexible legs. Adjustable legs enable you maintaining a perfect leveling for using the tables comfortably over uneven floors.
  • High-quality and durable materials especially hardwood, composite material, particle boards and others are being used. Oak can be used as one of the best wood table materials. Oak-made tables are the strongest of all and thus the manufacturers offer the highest warranty on them.
  • Foosball-table types need to be determined for choosing the right gaming table. Common types of these tables are stand-alone, table-top, multi-game and coin-operated. All these tables are being equipped with excellent designs. They can be used both for domestic and commercial purposes. Coin-operated ones are mostly found in sports bars, dormitories, youth clubs, pubs and arcades.
  • “11-The Beautiful Game” is the most costly foosball-table till date. $68,000 is the price of this table.

The above facts are very much useful, and they can enable you to get a clear conception of foosball tables. You can use these tables both indoors and outdoors. Make sure that the outdoor tables are completely waterproof.

Carrom Signature Foosball Table

Carrom Signature Foosball Table

This breezily makes it on top of my list as the most awesome foosball table for the money as it is priced now at Amazon for only $659 plus Free Shipping. With a price at this range (less than a grand), you don’t just get to save on this purchase but you get more than what you pay for. The Carrom Signature foosball table is proudly made in the United States which is in itself a guaranteed brand of excellence. It is made of high quality and durable materials that is tested safe and secure enough to withstand long years of usage. This is a full-sized foosball table suited for the whole family. It’s also very stylish as you can choose from different color finishes that will match your fixtures at home. It is a bit heavy at 160 lbs. which is a good thing because heavy MDF material means it is solid and can’t be easily damaged. The playing surface looks exciting and lifelike with its screen-printed graphics and Moroccan finish. You also get a smooth and hassle-free gameplay because there are no dead spots or bends that can reduce fast and fair gaming experience. You also get fewer to null tilting issues with this foosball table because it has triple chrome-plated leg levelers and heavy-miter fold black vinyl legs to ensure that the tables are balanced. This is certainly a high-performance foosball table that is robust and cut out for rough play. For a price less than a grand, this certainly looks high-end and at par with tournament foosball types. Best of all, this foosball table gives you precise playing autonomy at a price that won’t put a huge hole on your pockets.

Foosball Coffee Table

Foosball Coffe Table

The foosball table as discussed above is all out for the sweaty stuff and adrenaline pumping elements of gaming. It’s bulky and you must be up and about while working the rods to elevate the gameplay. If you are a sucker for soccer and dream to be in the tournaments then this is a must-have for your home or even the bar.

On the other hand, the foosball coffee table is certainly a sight to savor and experience. It’s a very classic piece that is perfect for the receiving area or even in the den because its overall design is made sleek and elegant. This is also a very interactive and functional piece of furniture that every home must have. It’s a great conversation starter because you can play foosball while enjoying a cup of coffee with your loved one, your boss, or friends.

What sets this apart from the standard foosball table is that it has an elegant frame with a sturdy glass casing or cover so you can place your coffee cups on top while playing foosball. This is basically much lower in height and less bulky than the regular foosball in which you have to use chairs for playing the game. This is great for enjoying intimate moments with your spouse or discussing business with a partner, even negotiating a potential raise from your boss.

On the contrary, the regular foosball table has to be played while you’re up on your feet. The intimacy and simplicity of playing with the coffee foosball table becomes irrelevant with the use of the regular foosball table which makes up a loud, boisterous, and very interactive gaming experience. This is also bulkier and larger in built as compared to the foosball coffee table.

Foosball Table For Sale

Foosball Table For Sale

Foosball table brands vary in their offered value which usually caters to different classes of customers. Like, for instance, if you are an experienced or professional foosball player then you would opt for tournament-type foosball table for sale like Tornado and Garlando which are usually pricey but are high-end and superior in quality. If you want value for money then there are budget-friendly brands that are high-quality but won’t break the bank like Carrom, Playcraft, Atomic, and Hathaway.

The most common factors that shoppers would take into account when shopping for foosball tables are the following – brand, price, durability, aesthetics, gameplay, safety, and assembly; among others. Other add-on features like if it is suitable for outdoor use or doubles as a coffee table would of course count a lot when trying to decide on what foosball table type would fit one’s preference and requirements.

Foosball Table Amazon

Foosball Table Amazon

Shopping on the virtual marketplace can be a tricky and scary feat but not if you go for a credible online retailer like Amazon. You can shop with ease at Amazon which is still the best place to shop for foosball tables. Checking out customer reviews and testimonials will help you figure out what brands are leading in the category. Aside from the good points of every foosball table, there are also negative comments or even horror stories that go with their respective purchases that you must be attentive to all the more. Every foosball table Amazon has its pros and cons to begin with which will serve as your guide in knowing what elements to look for in a foosball table and the loopholes that go with numerous bombastic advertisement claims.

You need to have a nose for the news when it comes to shopping for foosball tables. Trends may shift and upgrades are continuously happening with every piece of gaming machinery out there – including foosball tables – which need your attention. If you are a millennial shopper and would go for something unconventional, you must keep yourself grounded still with the basic standards that your new toy must have in order to qualify your bucket list.

Best Cheap Foosball Table

Cheap Foosball Table

Shopping is said to be therapeutic – a huge stress-reliever indeed for those who have waited for a payday after long hours of work. Waiting can be agonizing but shopping certainly makes everything worth it.

Stepping into a mall with a gallery of foosball tables can be seriously overwhelming especially if you are clueless on what to look for in a foosball table. They sure all look generic with differences only in matters of size and designs. So, how do you determine the best possible foosball table for the money?

If you are looking for a cheap foosball table that gives value for your hard-earned money then you have to set a budget and determine the qualifiers you need to land on top of your must-have list. First off, foosball tables are priced at a range of $200 to $2,000 which relatively differs depending on brand, materials, size, and design; to name some. There is always a foosball table that will suit your preferences at a price you can afford.

There is a whole roster of budget or fosball tables under $500 online but you must not ever compromise the quality and entertainment value of a foosball table by snagging the cheapest deal that comes your way without considering factors that matter like durability and gameplay value.

There sure are a lot of options out there when it comes to the top foosball tables for the money – but there are a few that really gives the best payoff. Tornado Sport Foosball Table and Carrom Signature Foosball Table fall at different price ranges but a lot of players that are looking for the foosball tables from the top brands would go for this two foosball tables and cross lines when necessary depending on budget. Shoppers who are looking for top-of-the-line foosball tables that are tournament-type would easily go for Tornado Sport Foosball Table but those who are looking to cut a bit on expenses but still get top-quality foosball tables would immediately jump to the Carrom Signature Foosball Table which frantically screams high-value entertainment quality and durability.

Ebay Foosball Table

Ebay Foosball Table

eBay offers a comprehensive selection of foosball tables from which to choose. Standard, small, and professional, those are the main types of an eBay foosball table in the long list of products.

Standard units sold on eBay provide an all-in-one experience. Although they are heavy, buyers can count on standard foosball tables for durability. They come in solid wood, which makes them robust. Some cheaper standard tables available on eBay have MDF particle board and real wood. As a result, these units are lighter and easier to move around. 

Buyers can browse extensive listings on eBay to find the right table. A product constructed using high-quality materials and components is the best buy. However, the cheapest units may not provide durability.

Buying Foosball Tables

Buying Foosball Tables

The most common concerns of customers according to Amazon reviews for foosball tables circle around two major points – negative and positive criticisms or feedbacks. The main purpose of posting reviews is basically to vent out any problems with the item purchased as well as to applaud the good points of the product. This, in turn, helps out other buyers to compare and contrast as well as to determine what to look for while buying foosball tables. Reviews which are posted by “real” buyers at Amazon as well as social media sites serve as a quick guide for people who are looking for the best buys depending on their specific metrics for choosing the right foosball table.

How Much Is a Foosball Table

How Much Is a Foosball Table

How much is a foosball table? You can find them at varying prices depending on the size and overall quality of the product. The price can be as low as $20. On the other hand, high-end units like Garlando Mirror Foosball Table are available for $1,899. The more expensive units come in sizes of up to 55 inches while the cheapest models are 15 inches.

Anyone looking for an affordable table can consider units, which are smaller than the tournament size. The more compact tables are ideal for children’s playrooms and other smaller spaces. However, the cheaper models lack advanced features like counter-balanced men and leveling systems.

The Kick Glory Foosball Table is ideal for children. It has a product warranty and users can enjoy a great playing experience. 

Tornado Sport Foosball Table is a high-end product that is available for $1,150. The unit enhances ball control and provides a comfortable grip. It boasts an attractive mahogany melamine finish. 

Foosball Table Price

Foosball Table Price

When planning to buy a quality a very important factor is the foosball table price. You should pick a product based on your playing requirements and budget. Choosing the best pool table can be a difficult task if you lack the right information. You need to check the prices, which range between $20 and $1,800. Also, check customer reviews and buyer’s guides compiled by experts.

Materials, finishes, and prices are essential points when planning to buy a good pool table that suits your needs. High-end models priced at over $900 feature quality materials and finishes. They also boast advanced features to improve precision and ball control. 

Among the most common materials for the structure of a pool table is the MDF, which is medium density wooden boards. This material provides stability, strength, and a longer table life.

There are also expensive and affordable tables made of solid wood that, as you can imagine, are robust and heavy. This type of foosball table is commonly used in official competitions. Laminated wood tables are suitable for the little ones. This material reduces weight, which allows children to take it wherever they want to play.

What Is a Foosball Table Worth

What Is a Foosball Table Worth

A good table is worth hundreds and even thousands of dollars. The playing surface is usually lined with a quality surface. Table football has long been a staple of the game room. 

Football is not just a family game played between two and four players. It is a competitive sport that has several international championships held annually. 

These factors help keep boost the value so you can know what is a foosball table worth. Hence, you can buy or sell a unit for a reasonable price. The tables are available in different sizes and types. Some are worth thousands of dollars making them incredibly expensive compared to the affordable units used in many homes.

What Do I Look For in a Used Foosball Table

What Should I Look For in a Used Foosball Table

A common thing most people ask them self before buying one is “what should I look for in a used foosball table?”. You can buy a used foosball table for a reasonable without compromising on quality. A sturdy table can cope with the demands of energetic players. The portable and compact format is great for home use and traveling. Its small size is perfect for children or for playing while sitting. It is perfect for a multifunction game room used by several children. And if you need replacement parts, you can always find them cheap online.

Larger units take up a lot of space and require levelers to counteract uneven floors. On the other hand, cheap used tables can be broken easily making them bad investments. The professional models can be expensive due to the robust construction and the use of quality materials. As such, it is not the most affordable option. Units made of poor quality materials can lose balance if they not handled with care.

In the end, pick the best product for your home or other public space. Children can play safely on a smaller table at any time of the day.