Foosball Table Setup Process

If you are planning on getting a foosball table, perhaps the first thought in your head will be how to set up a foosball table.  Even with the instruction manual from the manufacturer, setting up a table for the first time can be challenging for some.  Nobody wants to spend hour after hour on a foosball table setup.  As such, the foosball table setup instructions in this article is intended to make the proper setup of men on foosball table players easier and the overall process quick and simple. 

In contrast to most foosball tables that take hours and several tools to assemble, official foosball table setup only requires a small tool and roughly 25 minutes to assemble the entire thing. The foosball table setup is among the easiest and safest.

Layout of the Foosball Table

While foosball is being played, the playing surface must be considered to enjoy authentic game room experience. The entire field surfaces are known as foosball table layouts.  Scratches on the surface should be avoided to ensure that the ball can glide through the field.  There are three types of material that are typically used on foosball tables: wood, plastic and tempered glass.

Wooden surfaces provide a game that is a bit slower in comparison to tempered glass and plastic.  Experts recommend tempered glass as the best option, if you are looking for the fastest gaming experience.  There is also the option of choosing a surface based on your personal game style.  For instance, the majority of Europeans prefer to play their foosball game on a slower surface because they would rather rely on the skills of the player.  Where Americans are concerned, most players prefer to play faster because their main focus is on scoring goals.

Step by Step Guidelines for Setting Up a Foosball Table

• Step 1: Bring Together All Parts of the Table

Following the purchasing and unboxing of the foosball table, take all the parts and lay them on a flat surface to get ready for process of putting them together.  The parts included in the package are handles, legs, pin pouch tool, telescopic rods or plated rods, tubes, balls, men/players, wraps, scoring units and cup holder.  In the foosball table setup 4 small silver rings should also be included.

Placing the parts on a flat surface is a great way to organize the materials and this will assist you in more easily assembling the table.  Placing them in sequential order will make the process even easier for you since you will not have to be checking around on the floor to find the different parts.

• Step 2: Place the Legs on the Table

After using the foosball table setup instructions to carry out the initial process of assembly, keep the partially completed table upturned on the floor.  Install all of the four full panel legs to the four corners of the table.  Ensure that all the bolts are tightly and securely going through the legs of the table.  This is essential as it will prevent any future accidents.  After this process has been completed, set the table in an upright position.

• Step 3: Check to Ensure that All Components of the Table are Secure

This is the final step in the installation of the foosball table.  This involves using the play men to check out the rod, then sliding the bumper onto the particular rod for each bumper.  To ensure the playing field is protected over the years, a rag or piece of cloth can be used on the layer of the table.  This will assist in catching the dust that will emerge while the players are playing.

To prevent warping, the bracer block of the table should be set between the table and the rod.  The player should then be securely attached using a screwdriver and the right screws.  The final step involves the installation on the grip for the cup holder, the rod handles and the scoring unit.  Following this, you would have successfully completed the set up the foosball table.

Setup Instructions for Foosball Table Player/Men

Unboxing the foosball table will reveal a lot of parts.  Similar to the process of setting up the table itself, place the men and rods on a flat surface to make it easier. 

Foosball Table Players Setup and Layout

Setting up the player layout of the foosball table is an even more challenging part of the process.  The foosball table must be placed in the right position and this part of the process will require the assistance of a family member or friend.  In addition, great care must be exercised when the players are being set up.  Before beginning the setup process, make sure that the rods and men are in the right place.  It is also important to know the right number of players needed to get a game started.  The foosball table requires 26 players in a complete set.

Foosball is similar to a game of soccer as it is referred to by Americans or football as it is referred to by the rest of the world.  Bear in mind that 22 players are needed to run the game of foosball.  The remaining players are considered to be substitutes, which will be needed if a main player becomes injured.  There is also the need for goalie rods similar to the European football style.

Setting up the players require slipping the rod through one end of the table, then slipping bumpers for each player onto that same rod.  They should be place in the manner of a standard game plan.  First, set the goalkeeper, followed by two players for defensive work and five players to cover the midfield.  Set three players in the position of strikers to score goals.  After placing the players in the right position, use a screwdriver and screw to firmly tighten them.  Repeat this process until the entire rod is set in the correct position.  Finish the process by installing a handle grip to each rod.  Follow this process until the scoring unit is set up and then the cup holder.