Buying a Classic Sports Foosball Table: What You Should Know

Looking forward to bringing the thrill of outdoor soccer into your home’s court? Then you must be in the market for a classic sports foosball table. Also known as table football, this tabletop game will leave you excited like a real soccer player. It comes with classic sports foosball table handles that allow you to move the ball and kick it to the opponent’s goal. 

However, choosing a classic sports boulder foosball table can be overwhelming, given the wide range of products in the market today. But you can make your foosball table shopping more exciting. Before making your purchase, a little bit of research will help establish your specific requirements, helping you narrow down your options to the type of table and features you want for your foosball game.

As a classic sport foosball table sports authority, we have prepared this buying guide that details all you need to know to make an inspiring and entertaining purchase.

Understanding Classic Sports Foosball

It is a thrilling and highly intense table soccer game usually played by 2 to 4 players. Only two different teams can play against each other at a time. The foosball table contains 8 rods, and each team has to control 4 rods during the play. The players’ win depends on their skills to maneuver the men figures attached on the rods to kick the ball and score their opponents. No doubt, a sports authority foosball table classic sports model would be a great entertainment addition for your gaming room.

Choosing a Classic Sports Foosball Table

Wondering how many foosball table types are available for purchase? Don’t start shopping on the assumption that there is only one type of foosball table.   Here are the four types of foosball tables commercially available.

Let’s discuss each type in detail.

Multi-game or combination game foosball table

Like the name, this type of foosball table allows you to play more than one game, each at a time. For instance, you can convert a single foosball combination table to play table tennis, air hockey, billiards, among other table games. It’s a recommended option for gaming enthusiasts whose gaming space cannot accommodate several games due to space limitations.

Standard foosball table

It’s a heavy table constructed using top-quality heavy-duty materials that guarantee durability. The table often weighs about 100 pounds.  On purchase, it’s delivered and assembled on-site, and it’s designed to stay stationary. When buying this table, avoid cheap deals as they often don’t come in full size.

Coin-operated foosball table

These tables are common in businesses looking to attract more customers by enhancing their entertainment experiences like arcades and sports bars. They are designed to be played using coins, but you can adjust them to allow free play. Compared to other types, coin-operated foosball tables demand higher repairs due to the potential vulnerability exposed to the extra operating features.

Tabletop foosball table

It is a convenient size foosball table, often referred to as a mini foosball table. If you buy a tabletop model, ensure you have a stable playing area like your coffee table, dining table, or countertop. Tabletop foosball tables are highly preferred by parents looking to buy their kids an interesting tabletop game. It’s also recommended for individuals with limited space who want to invest in a full-size foosball table game.

The best tabletop foosball tables come with non slip pads. However, don’t expect these foosball table types to last for long. They are constructed with low-quality materials, which explains their low price. After all, a tabletop foosball table is supposed to help you learn the basic skills of a foosball game before you can upgrade to a higher version.

To ensure you choose the right table type, consider:

Where the table will be placed

How regular it will be used

Whom will be playing the game

For instance, a foosball table meant for public use should be tougher and constructed with added safety features to prevent the rods from being pinched by malicious players. These requirements are unnecessary for a foosball table designed for a family setting.

Important Features to Look for in Classic Sports Foosball Tables

Now you’ve established the type of foosball table that will suit your playing needs and your space. Let’s check other essential features that you should look for when buying your classic sports foosball table. Though these features may differ slightly, your budget will significantly determine if you’ll go for a table fitted with high-end features or a cheaper model. So, what features should you look for in a foosball table?


Are you looking for a table that features a 1-man goalie or a 3-man goalie? Deciding between the two is all about your preference. If accuracy and high-skill level are your priority, go for a 1-man goal, but if you are looking for a fast-paced movement option, choose a 3-man goalie.


Choose a foosball table that comes with a 1-year warranty to help protect your purchase from potential malfunctions or defects. Buy from a brand that offers a warranty and guarantees the availability of your classic sports foosball table replacement parts.

Table frame

Most expensive and durable tables come with frames reinforced with solid wood or metal, or plastic for enhanced durability. They also have a ball return system that allows the ball to roll back to the right player. Economy foosball tables are fitted with MDF board frames and may not last long. Go with what suits you best.

Rods types

The foosball table will come with either hollow, telescopic, or solid rods. Remember, hollow steel rods are common in high-end foosball tables, while middle-level tables are made with solid rods. You’ll find telescopic rods in foosball tables designed with extra safety in mind, especially those constructed to suit kids.

Surface finish

This aspect will be influenced by the materials used and craftsmanship employed in constructing the foosball table. Nevertheless, you want the playing surface to be even and allow better ball movement. If you want a classic sports foosball table lighted model that provides better maneuvering, ensure it comes with a hard laminated surface.


The markings on the playfield matter. Accurate and clear markings will make your table appear stylish while enabling you to take shots with much ease. Look for tables with permanent imprinted and laminated markings.

Other things to consider:

Choose a foosball table made of top-quality materials that boast longevity

Ensure your foosball table has leg levelers to allow easy leveling of the playing surface even where the placement ground is uneven.

Choose a table with counter-weighted men. Why? It’ll offer you an enhanced foosball gaming experience.

Conclusion on Classic Sports Foosball Tables

Nothing would be more exciting and relaxing than spending good times with your family, friends, or colleagues playing foosball.  But before you set up your foosball table, read through the classic sports foosball table assembly instructions. Familiarizing yourself with the game’s mechanics and setup procedures will ensure you assemble all the components correctly. If this proves challenging, get professional help. Remember, setting up the game is as important as choosing the right foosball table.