Coin Operated Foosball Table

As suggested by the name, a coin operated foosball table is essentially a commercial foosball table that requires individual to pay to play.  This type of table is not a type that would be at home or a tournament model because these are not places for people to pay for the game.

The coin-operated foosball table is typically found in restaurants, bars, game rooms and other spots where individuals go to play some game tables.  Commercial-grade foosball tables are made from high-quality materials because lots of individuals play on it throughout the day and night, particularly if the bar has many customers.  A substandard foosball table would require frequent repairs and could end up not being profitable in the long run.

Therefore, to avoid these frequent repairs, there are two high-quality, coin-operated foosball tables highlighted below that should be considered.  These tables will assist you in keeping customers satisfied and will enhance your business in the long run.

Garlando World Champion Coin Operated Foosball Table

This is a competition level table that is best suited to intermediate to advanced players and it also used in the gaming business.  This fully-updated edition has satisfied the requirements of expert players.  With its sturdy materials, it will act as the vista of tournaments across the globe.

Its fully-reinforced structure is ideal for players who are looking for a sturdy foosball table.  It is a stable and compact table and is suitable for every match level.  Additionally, this is the best coin operated foosball table for sale for lovers of the European foosball theme.  It features an official competition plate, a playfield support board made from MDF, an ITSF official logo and silkscreen-printed World Champion text.

Longer and Better Game Sessions

The playfield could be leveled by using the two adjustable supports in the cabinet.  Additionally, you will realize that you have enhanced ball control with the assistance of its sanded tempered glass.  Tracking scores will also be easier because it is created with color-coordinated players and abacus scorers.  In addition, preventing abnormal ball trajectories is easier with the high-intensity polymer-contained goals.  Ten top-quality balls are included in the box in addition to 3 professional competition play balls.

In addition, the Garlando World Champion coin operated foosball table is created for gaming businesses.  To reach the inside, it could be opened and the metal support bracket prevents falling if the upper cabinet was lifted.  This is useful during maintenance and when emptying the cash box.

If your aim is to take your game room to another level, this is the ideal table for you.  A number of players have suggested this product, providing you with assurance that it is a remarkable product.  If you would like to experience the distinction of owning or playing the ITSF official table, go for the Garlando World Champion coin operated foosball table.


Expect that this table will call for some amount of assembly.  Nevertheless, it will take a maximum of 1 hour to complete the setup of the model. The instruction manual is included in the package.  An installation can be requested; however, this will attract a fee.

Tornado Foosball Table Coin Operated

The Tornado table is designed to offer foosball lovers the best playing experience. The rods are light, which allows for fast play.  The counterbalanced players are the other feature and this makes the table a treasure for professional foosball players.

On this table, the players come with an increased cross-section and sharp corners.  These understated features are all that are required to transport your game to a whole new level. They improve ball control and make it easy to position the players.

Another impressive feature is a thin-walled bearing that provides a flat bearing against the sidewall. The visibility of the ball is improved along the table sides.  In addition, the feature enables players to be moved all the way to the wall.  This is impossible (and tremendously frustrating) with the majority of foosball tables.

Essentially, this dynamo coin operated foosball table offers an ideal combination of style, quality and professionalism with its understated game enhancement features and high-end construction.  This table is ideal for advanced players and individuals who would like o to take their game to another level.  It can be used for leisure and to prepare for foosball tournaments.  In addition, it is durable and once one of these tables is purchased, high-quality foosball gaming can be enjoyed for many years.


If you choose to do it yourself, putting together a foosball table can be quite a challenging experience, particularly if the table weighs more than 300 pounds.  However, with this Tornado table, this is not the case.  This table comes with the majority of its parts, including its handles, pre-assembled, which cut down on the time that will be spent on the set-up.  After buying the table, most individuals simply want to get to the enjoyment of playing the game; as such, an overly long assembly process can bring about frustrations.  However, with this table, all that is required is attaching the table top to the bottom of the table and then setting it up on its legs.  The handles can then be inserted and you will be good to go.

The manufacturer has claimed that the process of installation can take less than 30 minutes.  However, this is quite an ambitious time limit that would requires a minimum of two experienced assemblers of foosball tables to accomplish.  With this table, the bottom line is that you will get to start playing the game sooner than you would with the majority of other premium tables that are available on the market.

Still, there will definitely be some work and heavy lifting involved in putting together this table; therefore, it would be ideal to have the assistance of someone who knows exactly what he or she is doing to set it for or along with you.  If you purchase a foosball table online, there are sellers from whom you could purchase installation and setup services at an additional cost.