Folding Foosball Tables

If you have always desired a foosball table but do not have much room, folding foosball tables provide a remarkable option.  Storing them is quite easy when not in use and there are even certain types that are standard-sized.  In addition, there is actually a lot of variety available.

When looking for the best folding foosball table, a few different features should be considered.  There are options with different purposes and uses and other tables appropriate for outdoor use, along with products for adults and children.  Some of the foosball tables with folding legs are standard-sized, whereas others are a bit scaled-down to assist you in making the best use of the available space.  In addition, build quality is essential.  Folding foosball tables can cause further wear and tear, so it is crucial that they are made well with quality materials.  Personal preferences should also be considered such as whether the rods are telescoping or solid or whether or not the players are counterbalanced.

Foosball table folding legs is an ideal combination of tabletops and standard-sized foosball tables.  A tabletop is basically a remarkable foosball table for small rooms and apartments since it is small and can be stored easily when not in use.

Portable Folding Foosball Table

The term ‘portable’ is not commonly used to describe a foosball table; however, that is not an indication that it is impossible.  There are a number of portable foosball tables available on the market nowadays.  Among the most essential features of a foosball table that you should be looking for is stability and it is safe to say that a foosball table that is portable does not sound very stable.  However, there is no need to be concerned about stability as they are designed to be stable and portable.

There are several folding foosball tables and they all have different looks, different prices, and are designed for different players.  Similar to the regular foosball tables, it is important to know what you want before you start to shop for the best folding foosball table.  The foosball market is huge and the variety is wide; therefore, keep an open mind before you start to browse foosball tables.


The most common type of portable foosball table is a tabletop.  Essentially, a tabletop is a type of desk without legs; therefore, it needs to be placed on a surface in order to play.  The tabletop is only a cabinet and it is easy to store and extremely portable.  Typically, tabletops are smaller when compared to standard-sized foosball tables and this makes them convenient for smaller spaces.  In addition, it can be easily stored under the bed when it is no longer being used; this is how easy it is to transport the table.  One thing must be taken into consideration is the fact that tabletops are less stable and lighter than other foosball tables.  Depending on the quality, they can be big, small, inexpensive, low-quality, high-quality, and so on.

If you are a more advanced foosball or a professional player, it is recommended that you sit out this kind of portable foosball table since this is not the best choice for you.  This is primarily due to the tabletop size.  The majority of tabletops are made for children or a little bigger than that.  Perhaps, there are one or two tabletops available on the market that are as large as real foosball tables.

The biggest drawback of the tabletop is the size since it is 50 percent of the size of the standard foosball table.

Foosball Table on Wheels

There are also foosball tables on wheels, which make them quite portable and many individuals have been talking about buying one.  This is particularly true if the table is heavyweight and made from wood.  These tables on wheels are either standard tables with four wheels or foldable tables with two wheels.  Even though the wheels make it easier to move the table around, it is important that the buyer check the wheels and the overall design of the table to make sure that he or she can properly play the game.  In addition, it is also important to note that a table on wheels will be more costly than a standard table.  This is because of the additional cost for the caster wheels and the extra steps taken to design the table to integrate the wheels.

Types of Folding Foosball Tables

Folding football tables have everything tabletops have and even more.  The portable folding foosball table is the same size as the regular foosball table; however, it can be folded and stored when it is not being used.  This has the best features of both tables. The two types of folding foosball tables are a collapsible foosball table and one that folds up against the wall:

• Collapsible Foosball Table

The collapsible foosball table or the foosball table folding legs is an indication that the legs of the table can be collapsed once you are done.  They can be put under the cabinet, which will leave you with a tabletop.

  • Fold Up Against the Wall

This typically involves setting the cabinet of the foosball table against the wall.  This is the most common folding table and the majority of the best models of stadium folding foosball table have this option.

Folding Foosball Table Quality

Typically, the only drawback to portable folding foosball tables is their quality.  This is not an indication that they are terrible; however, they cannot be measured with professional foosball tables or even the more sophisticated hobby tables.  In a few years, there could be a problem with the folding mechanism and this is something that cannot be avoided.  They are essentially fairly good foosball tables and are ideal for use with family members and friends.  For advanced foosball players or those who would like to improve their skills and become better at the game, you need to go for a full-sized table of better quality.