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Foosball is a great game that can be played both indoors and outdoors. The game is used for interaction, by both adults and children. When looking for an outdoor foosball table for sale, you should consider the quality of the table and the material used to make the table. Additionally, you should specify if you want an outdoor or indoor foosball table.

Foosball Table

There are three types of foosball tables based on where they are stored or where the game is played. There is the outdoor foosball table which is played outside as an outdoor game. This table is made to withstand the harsh outdoor weather conditions. Then there is the indoor foosball table which is played inside a building. This foosball tables can be found in the house, gym or break rooms. They are made with sleek designs to match your style. Most of the foosball tables are indoor tables. Lastly, there is the indoor-outdoor foosball table which is designed for both indoors and outdoors. This table is made from high-quality material that can withstand the weather changes, and it is sleek to fit with your home décor.


Outdoor Foosball Table – Outdoor Game Table 

An outdoor foosball table is to be played outside and not indoors. You need to look for a table that is made from high-quality material that can withstand being unprotected in the scorching sun for a long period. Additionally, the table should be able to withstand being outside in the rain all year round in all the four seasons. You don’t want to have a table that will be damaged at a slight exposure to the sun and rain.

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Best Outdoor Foosball Tables – The Features

  • High quality
    You don’t need to get a table that is of poor quality which will not last you for a long time. Nobody likes spending money every few days to replace a foosball table. You can avoid this by getting a high-quality table that will serve you for a long time. The table needs to be studied to handle anything from children climbing on it to adults pushing it over due to frustration. When you are playing the game, you can get frustrated and knock it over, and a good table should be able to withstand the impact.
  • Should be able to withstand the weather conditions
    An outdoor foosball table is to be used outside, and this makes it exposed to any weather changes. The foosball table should be able to withstand all the weather changes from the scorching sun to heavy rainfall. The material used should be waterproof, and the paint should also be waterproof. If it’s wood, it should be treated to ensure that no insects can eat the wood. The metal material should be rust resistant and should not rust even when exposed to water and air. This will make the table last long and serve you for a long time. The joints must be sealed to avoid water from damaging them and making the table less stable.
  • Wheels on the table
    Having an outdoor foosball table is a bonus, but it does not mean that it is a necessity. Having wheels on the table allows you to move the table from one place to the other without struggling. This is because the foosball table is really heavy and bulky and it needs you to put an effort to move it from one place to the other. Therefore, if your table has wheels, you can easily push it to where you want it.
  • Glass top
    Having a glass top on an outdoor foosball table allows you to enjoy the game with less interference. The wind can blow the ball and move it which can be a disadvantage if you are playing outside. This makes enjoying the game be difficult since you have to keep replaying the match and you can’t determine who the winner is. Having a glass top prevents the wind from blowing the ball, and this makes the game interesting.

Additionally, a glass top keeps the inside of the game clean, neat and in good condition. Since the players and the ball are protected and from getting dirt, debris and rainwater. When you want to play you clean the top of the table, and you are ready to get your grove one. However, you need to be careful with the glass since children can climb on top of the table and break the glass. This can cause injury to them; you need to train your children not to climb on the table.

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Foosball Table Material

  • Wood
    Most of the foosball tables are made from wood and wood by-products. When using wood to make the table, it has to be treated first as this will allow your table to last longer. Treating the table ensures that no insects eat the table and it remains sturdy and strong. Additionally, it ensures that the table will not rot when exposed to rainwater, sea water and humid conditions.
  • Glass
    Glass is used as the top cover as it allows you to see the player and the ball when playing. It limits the wind from blowing the ball and distracting you as you play. Additionally, having a glass cover ensures that no water or moisture gets to the players. This ensures that the material used to make the table is safe and dry. However, you need to ensure that the glass is safely sealed and secured. Also, you need to monitor the children not to play on the table as they can break the glass and they may get injured.
  • Metal
    Metal is the second most used material in a foosball table as it used to make the rods. When choosing metal material great for an outdoor table aim for the one that can withstand any rust. Aluminium and steel metals should be treated before making the rods since this will prevent rusting. You can spray wax and oil on the rods to add a coating as this will prevent rusting.
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Indoor Foosball Table

These tables are designed to be used inside a building as they are not made from materials that can withstand any adverse weather conditions. This is the most common foosball table, and they are available in any sports and games store. The tables can’t be put outside even if you cover them with a foosball cover.  Somehow moisture will find its place and get through and damage the wood. This can make the wood to start rotting this can lead to insects destroying the table further. Additionally, if the table is exposed to harsh weather conditions, the paint will start flaking, and the table ends up looking ugly and worn out. For you to maintain the look of the table, it is advisable to keep it indoors always.

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Foosball Table Cover Outdoor 

Even if the foosball tables are meant to be used on the outdoors it is important you protect them from the harsh weather conditions. This will make them last longer and still look great all the time. You can purchase an outdoor foosball table cover to help protect your table from being exposed to the sun, snow and heavy rains. This will prevent the paint from peeling off and ensure that your table stays in good condition for a long time. The table covers are very affordable and cost only a fraction of what the table costs. This will save you money on replacing the table once it is worn out and old.

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Outdoor Foosball Table Reviews

Garlando Outdoor Foosball Table 

Garlando outdoor foosball table reviews are one of the well-known brands that manufacture great outdoor tables. The tables are made from durable material that withstands the adverse weather conditions. The wood material is treated to prevent insects from eating the table and destroying it. 

Additionally, the wooden cabinet and the legs are treated by using melamine which prevents and protects the table from scratches and scrapes. This makes the table last long even when it’s in constant use. The table is safe to use without getting worried that your opponent might hit you with the rod. Since the table is fitted with telescoping rods which are designed not to pass to the other side of your opponent, this ensures that both you and your opponent play the games safely. 

Moreover, the plastic players are moulded into the rods which ensures that they can’t fly off when you are playing. The table is designed to allow great and fast-paced play which makes the game more interesting. The game is designed with a goalkeeper who can rotate 360 degrees. This ensures that you can easily save a goal and ensure that your opponent doesn’t win. Additionally, the side of the table is a bit slanted; this allows the ball to keep going for a perfect score. Moreover, the game can be easily restarted to have a new game by using the exits after each goal. 

Kettler Outdoor Foosball Table 

The Kettler outdoor foosball table can be used both indoors and outdoors. The table has a great and stylish finish which makes it look perfect. Additionally, the rods have a good and comfortable grip which allows you to enjoy the game. The table is fitted with telescopic rods which allows you to enjoy and play the game without hurting your opponent. 

Additionally, the rods have an elongated handle for additional comfort while playing. The rods are made from anti-rust material which makes them last longer without being damaged by the harsh weather conditions. The table has great features which makes it one of a kind and makes you enjoy the game. The playing field is made from melamine which is a great material that allows the players and the ball to move with ease. Additionally, the melamine material is durable, and it can withstand any adverse weather conditions. The players are moulded on the rod which ensures that they don’t fly off and hurt someone when playing the game. The game has an easy ball retrieval after each goal to ensure that you continue playing the game with no delay. Additionally, the table comes with a storage cover for protecting your game from adverse weather conditions and dust.

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Foosball game is inspired by soccer, and it follows almost similar rules. The game is great for interaction and perfect bonding time. Additionally, it is a perfect gift for a competitive person.