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Ravenna Rectangular

Ravenna Rectangular


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Hathaway 56


The primary function of the Foosball table cover is to cover the table and protect it from dirt, moisture and dust. These protective coverings will help your table have a more extended life, whether in use or not.

Foosball Table Cover: Everything You Need To Know

Suffice to note, the foosball table covers are not the manufacturer’s package; therefore, it is the table’s owner to make arrangements and buy the one that serves him better. To buy the best cover, there is a need for one to carry out independent research and visit online dealers for more information. 

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Which One To Buy?

To make the right purchase, there are fundamental factors that must be considered. They include: 

  • The cover material
  • Right size and  dimensions
  • Weather outdoor or indoor cover
  • Price
  • Design
How To Use

The Cover Material

 There is a range of custom covers to choose your favourite no matter the cost. They are durable, lightweight and stronger. The material used to manufacture the covers will ideally give your table maximum protection. For this reason, considering the material used to make your favourite custom cover is essential. There are three popular materials that you must consider having more information about them. They are:

  • Polyester
  • Vinyl
  • Naugahyde

 The material is the first and important feature while buying your table cover. Consider critically a type of favourite material that will serve you better and meet your expectations. Different materials come with different durability, quality, dust resistant, water resistant and heat resistant capabilities. For instance, Vinyl material is waterproof, and cotton materials are never recommended as they are not foosball table cover waterproof, heat and dust capabilities. Before you purchase your cover, make sure you have critically looked at its properties, material and combination.



The dimensions of your table are vital to know. While to make an online purchase, there is a need to look at the reviews from various customers who had prior purchased the particular brand. This way will help you determine a quality brand and right size that will serve you better. Besides, you will avoid disappointments of making a wrong purchase, as not all universal packages will work for your table

 As such, there is a need to pay close attention to your table dimensions and look for a cover that will entirely cover all its parts and protect it from external factors. Suffice to note; all covers are a bit larger compared to foosball accessories because they are meant to protect them. Let your seller know your cover dimensions so that he can create a cover befitting your table dimensions and preferences. Make sure it is big enough to offer the required protection to the table parts.

Covered Table


However, the primary function of the covers is to protect the table agonist dust, water and fire, your design preference must be factored. Different covers come in different, and the choice is upon the buyer. Some covers protect only the upper parts and some cover its legs. Consider purchasing a cover that protects your whole table body. Your cover design will determine many things such as storage, protection and table appearance.  Choose a cover that meets your specifications, preferences and needs. Have a look at the samples before deciding.

Angle Cover View


 This is the last important factor that will contribute to the final decision you will make. Look at covers that are within your budget but befit your expectations, design, size and preferences. Size matters a lot here, choose a cover that correctly fits your table. There is no need to pay extra fee for something that you will never use.

 The covers vary in cost running from $15-$20 depending on your specifications. For the custom manufactured covers, they are a bit expensive, and they roughly cost $70; however, they are worth, as they will give you the benefit of durability. Your design and material will determine the cover cost. Most of the covers are polyester made in different grades under the manufacturer’s discretion to determine various designs to fit different table brands.

Side Cover View

Best Outdoor Foosball Table Cover To Buy 2019

Universal Foosball table cover

This table cover universally covers all your table parts. It is available within your dimensions and is made of high quality materials that are weather resistant and waterproof. Besides, it is soft, light and durable.

Front Cover View

Classic Ravenna Rectangular Table Cover

This is the most durable table cover made from high quality materials designed to befit all table sizes. Fortunately, it can be used outdoors since its entirely covers and protects up to 95% of your table. The most important thing with this cover is that it comes with a lifetime warranty and is made of heavy-duty materials. It offers protection to upper parts of the table inclusive of the legs, and some of its attachments stick on the legs. It is available in three different sizes in one colour. Besides, it is affordable, has padded handles, laminated backing, UV-stabilized coating and easy to pack and store.

Silver Cover

Foosball Table Covers Colours

 The table covers usually come in four main different prices and colours.

 The colours are: 

  • Black
  • Black and Silver
  • Silver
  • Camouflage

Protecting your table is a wise investment you will ever make, as the table needs much care. Professionals always say that table protection is like taking good care of the family member. This is because; you invest in many days of enjoyment and playing more games.