Harvil Striker Foosball Table

The Harvil Striker Foosball Table, even with its incredibly low price, can deliver high-end satisfaction to customers because it has the features and specifications of the expensive ones plus more perks. Overall, this is definitely a worthy purchase because of the great features and specifications that you can enjoy for a much lower price than the competition.


Harvil Striker

Harvil Striker

Harvil Beachcomber

Harvil Beachcomber

Harvil Tabletop

Harvil Tabletop


About the Manufacturer

Harvil, based in Los Angeles, California, has always been synonymous with producing affordable yet high-quality sporting goods and game room products like multi-game tables, billiard tables, air hockey tables, table top game tables, dart boards, Rolbak nets, mini basketball hoops, shuffleboard tables, and portable basketball hoops; among others. This is particularly descriptive of the affordability and durability factor of its featured product – Harvil Striker Foosball Table. 

Cheap is not always equivocal to low quality. For all you know, it can mean – more value for your money.

The Harvil Striker Foosball Table can be yours for a low price of only $149.99 but right now it’s on sale at Amazon for only $99 and free shipping – that’s like 43% off the price tag or a total savings of $73.49. Don’t want to rush you, but limited stocks are available (only 19 left) so if I were you, I’d order now before someone else beats me to it.

Harvil Striker Foosball Table Pros

Harvil Striker Foosball Table Pros

Let’s make a list with all the Harvil Striker Foosball Table pros:

  • In comparison to other Foosball tables, the Harvil Striker Foosball Table in so far is the most affordable (cheapest at $149.99 and its running sale price of $99 + free shipping). Most of its competition range at a much higher price range or from $250 to even $1,000 and above which are high-end tables that are at a relatively pricey category.
  • With its low price, you would expect it to a bit brittle or prone to wear and tear. Surprisingly, the Harvil Striker Fossball Table proves to be very durable with its thick wood legs and chrome-plated steel telescoping rods. This is also made of a sturdy MDF board that is specifically engineered to outperform other foosball tables that are made of particle or plastic board. Leg levelers are also made adjustable.
  • Aesthetically good. The playing surface is set wide and at a standard size of 75in L x 27.75in W x 4-1/4in D which makes a great table playing surface that both kids and adults can enjoy. In comparison to other foosball tables which showcase a standard (and plain) wooden backdrop, the Harvil Striker Foosball Table strikes the difference with featuring logos or emblems of different popular football teams which are printed all over the foosball table. This proves to be a huge motivating factor for players (kids and adults alike). The 13-player team are also colored and designed like real football players with their blue and green uniforms and not like the standard design of foosball players. The Harvil Striker Foosball table is visually impressive with its astounding MSL graphics (especially the players and stadium) and the details are amazing despite the low price.
  • The safety protocol indeed comes first with every Harvil product especially with the Harvil Strike Foosball Table. The thick rounded legs can withstand prolonged use and abuse without breaking or bending which proves to be safe especially for kids who are fans of the major football league. You get to play without the hassle and fear of getting struck by the rods from other players while in the heat of the game. The fact that it is made of highly durable materials ensure its safety of use even for young children.


Harvil foosball table

So there’s a list of the specifications of this great foosball table:

  • Brand: Harvil
  • Style: Standard
  • Colors: Other Colors
  • Table Dimensions: 48.25in L x 25W x 32in H
  • Actual Weight: 42 lbs.
  • Shipping Weight: 50 lbs.
  • Assembly Time: 30-45 minutes
  • Playing Surface Dimensions: 40.75in L x 27.75in W x 4-1/4in D
  • Material: Made of CARB Certified MDF
  • Includes 1/2in Thick Rounded Black Laminated Wood Legs with Adjustable Leg Levelers
  • Includes 1/2in Chrome-Plated Telescoping Steel Rods
  • Includes Abacus Scoring Unites
  • Includes 2 Black and White Soccer Balls
  • Includes 3 Goalie Configuration Per Team with ABS Molded Plastic Men
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty: 90 days
  • MLS Licensed
  • 13-Player Team with End Ball Return

Harvil Striker Foosball Table Cons

Harvil Striker Foosball Table Cons

There are quite a few let-downs when it comes to purchasing the Harvil Striker Foosball Table cons. Assembling the foosball table is very difficult and time-consuming. This is one of the major complaints of customers who have bought this product. If you try to assemble this on your own, it could take so much of your time and drain your patience. You need the help of at least 2 people to get this done. There are also missing parts like the screw holes or a leg which could be disappointing especially if you bought this as a gift for your kids. Also, the instructions for putting the parts together are not very clear which could be very disappointing as it delays playing time.

My Verdict on the Harvil Striker

My Verdict on the Harvil Striker Foosball Table

My verdict on the Harvil Striker Foosball Table, even with its incredibly low price, can deliver high-end satisfaction to customers because it has the features and specifications of the expensive ones plus more perks like the graphic design is made unique and attractive especially for die-hard football fans and aficionados. Emblems of their favorite MFL teams certainly create that adrenaline rush and boost their energy and confidence while playing. Te 13-player team is also designed to be innovative and lifelike which injects more fun and excitement into the gaming experience. It also features a durable construction from the legs to the playing surface which makes it a sturdy piece that can withstand tough playtime especially with kids who are used to rough play and banging the foosball table in the heat of the game. It’s also a great way to inject diversity in the family’s gaming experience because most people have less physical activity when playing with the usual computer games.

The Harvil Striker Foosball Table is a fun and entertaining way to exercise and create bonding moments with the whole family. This game is built enjoyable for kids and adults alike. The table size and height is adjustable and also a versatile piece because it can be played by adults and even by kids. The only downside is the assembly time because it can take a few hours to put it together. Instructions are also very difficult to understand which creates much stress with first-time users.

Overall, this is definitely a worthy purchase because of the great features and specifications that you can enjoy for a much lower price than competition. It’s also visually appealing and unlike other foosball tables, it features more perks in design which I find exciting and innovative – that makes it very hard to resist.