Professional Foosball Tables

With a range of options available on the market, deciding on the best foosball table is an undertaking that requires some amount of research and a bit of knowledge about what you are looking for specifically as the buyer.

When it comes to finding the best professional foosball tables based on professional foosball players society specification for foosball tables, the task is often daunting.  Not only are you seeking out a top-quality table, but you are searching for the ideal design to bring about the ultimate playing conditions as well.

Furthermore, a professional foosball table provides you with the ability to not only play with friends but in tournaments as well; therefore, the table you choose needs to work well for both settings.  Below we will look briefly at one of the best professional foosball tables for sale, which is the warrior professional foosball tables.  We will also provide guidelines to help you in determining the best table for you.

Warrior Professional Foosball Tables

The Warrior Professional Foosball Table is a stable, affordable and pro-quality table that works well for both the professional and amateur players.  There are numerous reasons to carefully consider the Warrior Pro and these include a quick assembly time, convenient delivery options, added stability and impressive safety features.  If you are thinking about investing in a new foosball table, you might want to consider going for a Warrior.

There are many things to think about when buying a professional foosball table.   These include the playfield, cabinet and counterbalanced players, which will be detailed below.  Other checks to make include the legs of the table to see their durability.  The parts of the professional foosball table you choose should be of the highest quality.  Another factor that should be kept in mind is the price; however, the choice will ultimately come down to the personal preferences of the buyer.


The heart of the foosball table is the cabinet and as such, it is essential that it is durable.  Wood, plastic and MDF are the most common materials from which the cabinets of foosball tables are made.  The tables with wooden cabinets are typically on the more costly end of the spectrum; however, these are the most durable as they have the capacity to endure heavy play. If you are looking for the best professional wood foosball tables, you can consider the Tornado Elite.

Compared to the wood options, MDF is a lot cheaper.  The material is less durable and the cabinet made out of MDF will weigh less as well.  There are also models made of plastic that are the least expensive and the most unreliable alternatives since they do not typically fare well under consistent use.  There are some heavy-duty plastic options that last a lot longer; however, these models are sometimes as costly as professional oak foosball tables.


A foosball table playfield can be made from a wide range of materials.  Plastic, wood and tempered glass are the most common among them.  With laminated playfields, you will get perfect control and exceptional durability.  Additionally, they are ideal for less intense and slower matches. A foosball table playfield made from high-quality plastic or tempered glass is suited best for a faster-paced game as they have the capacity to better absorb the shock associated with intense playing.


Professional foosball tables come in various sizes because many people have picked up the sport as a hobby and therefore, a wide variety is required to accommodate the various spaces in which the tables are stored.

Standard-sized foosball tables tend to be approximately 5 feet long and roughly 2 ½ feet wide, while professional tournament tables are 30 inches wide by 56 inches long by 36 inches high.  If you are not planning on playing on the tournament-sized table, another size will be perfectly okay.


Among the different brands and models, foosball table weight varies greatly.  For the most part, this broad range in weight is because of the materials from which each foosball is constructed.  The tables made of wood weigh more than the foosball tables that are made from plastics or other types of materials. Certain professional foosball tables, such as the Tornado Tournament 3000, weigh in at massive 360 pounds.  At this weight, excellent balance and stability are provided, even for players with a very active play style.  However, this type of table can be quite challenging to install alone.  There is a wide range of weights available to suit every preference.  Foosball tables can range anywhere between roughly 130 pounds and 360 pounds. 


There is a primary distinction that is evident between the different models of foosball table and this has to do with the amount of goalies that are present on the board.  There are boards with 3 goalies on both sides, while some tables only have one.  The tables with just one goalie have corner ramps or sloped shoulders to assist the game.

Besides the corner ramps, there are also some dead spots on the board of the tables with one goalie; this makes the game significantly more challenging.  Additionally, there is the option to choose a versatile table that can be transformed based on the match you wish to play. For instance, the KICK Legend 55-inch Foosball Table facilitates both play styles.

Counterbalanced Players

Something that may not be noticed by some foosball players is whether counterbalanced players are on the table. Counterweighted foosball players carry the identical weight for both their bottom and top halves.  This indicates that all players are better balanced and when a bar is released, the players will stay in a horizontal position.

Typically, ABS plastic is used to make counterbalanced players, as can be seen from the Shelti Pro Foos II.  There are some counterbalanced players that provide the flexibility of removing their counterbalance.  Ultimately, this choice is up to the player; however, it should be noted that if there is a malfunction in the removable counterbalance piece, the performance of the players could potentially be affected.