Maximize Your Enjoyment With a Foosball Combo Table

Fun and games are a fundamental aspect of the lives of human beings as they create a physical or virtual connection.  Additionally, the delight of having fun will never get old.  In 1969, Phill Crossman collaborated with two engineers from Brunswick Billiards to create the initial design of the Air Hockey game.  Foosball originated in Europe and came about between the 1880s and 1890s. The games have advanced and the need for more has led to the addition of these modern kits to provide the best experience in multiple games.

Harvard Foosball Pool Table Combo

This charming multi-game table is designed to liven up your family room or den.  The table assembles easily, it is also easy to use and it quickly converts into pool, soccer, table tennis and air hockey.  In addition, the table has a sturdy construction for durability and stability for many years of competitive play.  Its virtually seamless design has a stunning non-overhang profile with just about any game set-up. Its dimensions are 28 inches wide by 55 inches long by 43 inches tall.  This air hockey foosball table combo comes with a limited 90-day warranty and includes everything needed to play all the games.

Foosball Air Hockey Combo Table

Air hockey and foosball are two games that are quite popular among gaming enthusiasts.  As such, manufacturers took the opportunity to come up with these air hockey foosball table combo innovations to make it easier for gamers to enjoy the activities.

There are also the options of buying air hockey foosball pool combo table or multi game table combo 3 in 1 pool billiards air hockey foosball soccer convert.  The choices basically range between 2 to 10 games.  Best off all, you are only required to flip or change the top to move from one game to the next.

10-in-1 Foosball Combo Table

The 10-in-1 table is versatile with its interchangeable tabletops.  You will be able to play foosball, slide hockey, shuffleboard, pool, table tennis, cards, chess, checkers, backgammon and bowling.  Additionally, it has a space-saving design in which all the surfaces can be stacked between the foosball table and billiard base.  The makes it perfect for placement in a bonus game room or even a child’s bedroom.

This combo table is designed to provide endless family fun.  There are ten options to inspire friendly competition, providing many hours of enjoyment for the whole family.  Children can learn by watching the adults play or they can battle it out in pool, shuffleboard or any other game, while improving their skills.

The 10-in-1 table has a natural wood-like exterior on its borders that will blend effortlessly in just about any game room or bonus space around the home.  Besides its good looks, the table also has a sturdy build.  The game tops can safely and securely rest on the foundation of 4 durable legs and each of these legs stand on non-slip footing so stability is ensured. 

Pool Table Foosball Combo

If you enjoy playing both pool and foosball games, you should think about investing in a good foosball and pool table combo.  Purchasing the two tables separately will not only cost lots of money but a lot of space in the home will be taken up as well.  Buying a game table with both foosball and pool game is a very smart concept.  The table will enable you to enjoy two of your preferred games in a single desk, which is quite remarkable.  There is even childs pool table, foosball table combo available for the young gamers in the family.  The small foosball and pool table combo will take up even less space in the home.

Common Games in Multi-game Tables

Games commonly included in multi-game tables are push or air hockey, table tennis, billiards, checkers, chess, backgammon and many more.  There are some tables that also include foosball, basketball, darts, beanbag toss tic tac toe and bowling.

Types of Multi-game Tables

Conversion Top

Oftentimes, these types of tables are more inexpensive compared to the flip top combo game tables. The surface of tables typically folds out and fits effortless on top of a regular game table.  In addition, these conversion top multi-game tables tend to call for more effort when switching between games.  However, they offer a way to totally transform game rooms across the world and provide solid enjoyment with their tons of different games.

Flip Top

This type of gaming tables can be rotated, swiveled and flipped from one game to the next. The combination table lands on the more expensive end of the spectrum; however, it provides great value and boasts high quality as well.


Hybrid multi-game tables are a combination of a conversion top and a flip top setup.  They are designed to provide players with much more options for gaming.  To switch over from one game table to another, all that is required is for you to swivel or flip the table over.  In other cases, you may have to take off one gaming surface to reveal another in its place.

Buying Guide

Two of the essential things to look for when looking to buy a foosball combo table are price and size.


The best foosball combo game tables can be a huge investment.  As such, looking at your budget and determining a reasonable price range is vital before you make a final decision.  Foosball combo tables range between hundreds and thousands of dollars, with a variety of models available to fit just about any price point.  The costliest models are typically the larger ones which include high-quality pool tables and air hockey tables.


Size is vital when choosing a new game table for your home.  Make sure that you measure the space you want the table to go and remember to account for additional room for players to comfortably move around.  Ensure that your measurements are checked against the product description to be absolute certain that your new multi-game table will be an ideal fit.