Hockey Foosball Tables

Benefits of a Foosball Air Hockey Tables


The benefits that can be gained from the best foosball and air hockey tables are tremendous.  This is because air hockey and foosball are two games that are greatly desired by a number of gaming enthusiasts.  These combo tables ice hockey-foosball-pool products bring lots of fun activities that are enjoyed by the family.

If you have more than one child, they may each want to play a different game from the other and this is where the hockey foosball tables would come in handy.  With this setup, you would not have to find space for two different machines in the home or face the mammoth task of deciding which child to please and which to disappoint.  In addition, buying two separate machines would cost a lot more compared to the price of foosball air hockey tables combo.  In addition, machines like the 4-in-1 table tennis/air hockey/pool/foosball tables and combo tables ice hockey-foosball-pool will save you on paying multiple maintenance costs to ensure that they all remain it tip-top shape.  Essentially, foosball combo tables make paying for maintenance and repair less costly. 

Buyers Guide for Dual Air Hockey/Foosball Tables

If you would like to own a foosball air hockey combo table, it is essential for you to be acquainted with a few details.  This will assist you in knowing the air hockey foosball combo table and assist you in finding the perfect one for you.  Essentially, these short tips are important for everyone.

Ideal Size

It is important to have the perfect size table based on your space and preference.  Additionally, the table may be for kids or it may be for adults.  In these cases, you will need to think about the height and width of the table.  Getting the ideal table size for the purpose and the space in which the table will be placed. 

Interchangeable Top

This type of top provides extra advantages.  Everything is being rapidly revolutionized every day and the foosball table is no exception.  So, instead of limiting the possibilities, you can go for one that offers you the latest in technologies.  Some of these combo tables have multiple tops, which can be changed easily to play a variety of games.  As such, you will retain any of the features.

Lock Point

This is among the features that is essential for fair competition. If the table is lacking this feature, the table will move needlessly throughout the game.  As such, the competition will not be fair.  Additionally, this could result in the game looking less fun.

Game Kit

A game kit is designed to hold the accessories and tools required to set up the table.  The game kit also includes all the rules and guidelines needed for the assembly.  Therefore, you should go for a combo table that has all of these. Fortunately, most of the tables nowadays come with a game kit.

Quality Tested and Approved

This is an indication that the foosball air hockey tables are safe.  This is important, especially if the table will be used by young children.  Regardless of who is using the table, it is important that it is safe and secure since safety should always come first.  There are a number of ways in which accident can happen while playing games and the combo table you choose should be designed to minimize or alleviate potential injuries.  

Easy Assemblage

There are some tables that come already assembled some are easy to assemble and others are pretty challenging to assemble.  If you have no experience in assembling these types of tables, you should consider going for a pre-assembled one.  If that is not available in the style that you want, you could go for one that is easy to put together.  If you choose a combo table that is challenging to assemble, an expert might be needed to help with the process. 

Convenient Price

You might spend too much on a setup that is not worth the cost.  The price of the table is typically determined by its features.  However, there are some combo tables that are quite affordable despite their great features.


If you are not big on design, this feature may have little or no value to you.  However, the most recent design is an additional advantage as it will look stunning when placed in any space.  Most foosball air hockey tables these days are beautifully designed.


Warranty is an important feature that helps to guarantee that the material used to make the table is of good quality.  Additionally, the warranty also ensures the stability of the setup.  If anything should go wrong within a certain period, it should not cost you for the repair or the replacement.

Properly Cleaning Foosball Air Hockey Combo Tables

It is necessary to thoroughly clean the foosball air hockey table from time to time.  This is essential because, if not properly cleaned, the air hockey foosball combo table will become more slippery and keeping the table clean will increase the lifespan and keep the table looking new.  Guidelines are provided for the proper method of cleaning dual air hockey/foosball tables.

This process can be long but it is not too hard.  Before the process starts, a few things are needed and these include a cotton cloth or microfiber towel to clean the different parts of the table.  To make the table more slippery, a lot of focus should be placed on the surface.  Used the products recommended by the manufacturer to wax and clean the surface.  In addition, all holes in the and the bowler fan should be given careful attention.  To keep foosball air hockey tables in tip-top shape, ensure that it is kept covered when not in use.

Bonus Tip

For air hockey, careful attention should be paid to the surface of the table when assessing whether the table is a good option for you.  In addition to the blower system, your playing experience can also be impacted by the quality of the surface.