Foosball Table Replacement Parts


Universal Rod Bearings

Universal Rod Bearings

Octagonal Handles

Octagonal Handles

Universal Safety End Caps

Universal Safety End Caps


Action Scoreboard

Action Scoreboard


As an exciting table game, Foosball is loved by many. Recurrent engagement in this game subjects its tools to wear and tear. Players often find it an uphill task to find replacements for them. Regardless, they are often retailed at several online stores. It is essential to know which types of tools one has to replace.

Different Parts, Which Often Need Replacement

This is because Foosball tables differ, thus a significant difference in the spare parts. The following are Foosball replacement parts, which often need replacement. 

  • Foosball Balls
  • Players
  • Rods and Bumpers
  • Bearings
  • Leg Levelers
  • Scoring Tool
  • Lighting System
  • Cup Holders
  • Wraps and Handles
  • Punches and Pins
  • Table Cover

It is essential to keep in mind that the replacement of Foosball table parts can be pricey, but it is necessary for a smooth game. This will ensure that everyone can participate in playing Foosball together.


Foosball Balls

Due to their size, they are prone to be lost and worn out easily. Manufacturers always have a variety of balls in the market. Whether it is control, tactical playing, or a faster game, everyone is ensured to experience quality.

Player Parts

Men Players

Even though there are limited choices to pick from, it is essential to make sure that the foosball men you end up with will be the perfect fit for your table. Purchasing half a dozen ones might be the best option for you always to have extra ones in case they get worn out.


Rods and Bumpers

These might be very expensive to replace. One might have to consult manufacturers for this because they are hard to come by. One should look for heavy duty types to attain value for money and durability. These come with rubber ends for protection in case children are involved in the games. They are essential in the protection of the sides of your table.



There are a few genuine ones on the market. They offer stability due to their high quality, thus a smoother experience when playing. Manufacturers are the only guarantee for you to get what suits your table. This is because the purchase of the wrong type will only lead to an awful experience while playing.

Leg Levelers

Leg Levelers

These can be changed while keeping in mind the type one possesses. It is safe to consult the manufacturers of your table to get the best. They are hard to find in the market. They require a set of skills to install.

Scoring Tool

Scoring Tool

These are available in plastic and wooden forms. Their replacement is easy since the process of installation is not complicated. Of all the parts, they are the most beat up during a game. They should be replaced on time.


Lighting System

These beautify the table as well as give a dimension and vision of the position of the ball all the time. They are frequently supplied by their manufacturers and can be expensive to purchase. However, it is essential to work with your budget.

Cup Holders

Cup Holders

These Foosball table replacement parts can be a dangerous addition to the table if not correctly used. These are important if you are looking for a more competitive sense when playing. They are for holding cups of drinks that one can take in case the games are too intense. They are adjustable to fit one’s preferences.


Wraps and Handles

For a comfortable grip, one must replace these once in a while since they are often prone to be worn out. They are available in the following forms;

  • Plastic
  • Wood
  • Rubber

These can be chosen concerning one’s personal preferences. Wraps are essential enhances the feeling of added control.


Punches and Pins

When replacing the players, it is advisable also to purchase pins. This will ensure that they are held in position at all times.


Table Cover

Replacing table covers guarantees a long life for your table. They are advisable for both indoor and outdoor areas. They are suitable for maintenance from scratches and dirt and make them waterproof.