How Much Is A Foosball Table?

If you’re considering purchasing a foosball table, you need to think about your needs, your budget, as well as how much does a foosball table cost. You also need to note that while you may find a relatively decent table at a reasonable price, top-quality tables don’t come cheap. Therefore, before you go shopping, you should find out how much is a foosball table worth, and how to zero in on a table that suits your needs and is within your budget. Here’s

What is the Cost of Foosball Table?

Well, the cost varies depending on the size, quality, and brand of the table, starting from $20 for mini tabletops to $4,000 for the cabinet-style tables. However, most tables cost $100 to $1,200, and tournament-style foosball tables typically cost about $2,000. Ideally, you should focus on finding a balance between quality and price, but first, how do you find a foosball table that suits your needs? To answer this question, here’s a look at foosball game tables based on price:

• Foosball Tables Costing Under $100

At this price, you’ll find miniature foosball tables that can be placed on the lap, floor or table to be played. These tables are ideal for kids or even adults who’re trying table football for the first time.  At this point, you can’t be sure whether your kid will enjoy the game.  You don’t want to invest hundreds of dollars on a foosball table only for it to sit at the corner, unloved. Therefore, you should start with a table that costs less than $100, just to gauge your kid’s interest in the game. If your kid loves it, then you can upgrade to a higher-quality table once this one breaks. 

• Foosball Tables Costing $100 to $500

These intermediate tables are ideal once you’ve figured out that you or your kid loves the game. A table that’s in the $100 to $500 price range is certainly not top-class, but it’s not the worst either.

• Foosball Table Costing $1,000

This category is ideal for dedicated players. At this price range, you can find tables that are durable, stable, good quality and that comes with numerous features. These tables are ideal if you’re an advanced or a hobby player who plays regularly with friends and family. In this category, you’ll find a table that has, for instance, leg levelers, counterbalanced players, cup holders, and steel rods. The features you’ll get depend on your budget and the brand you choose. 

• Foosball Table Costing Over $1,000

At this price range, you’ll certainly get a great quality table. Tables in this category are designed for professional and advanced-level players, meaning they’re generally durable and offer the best experience.

Where to Buy Foosball Table

At this point, you’re probably wondering, “Where can I buy a foosball table?” Well, you can purchase a foosball table from a sporting goods store near you. If you can’t find one in your locale, you can get your table from the leading online retailers.

How to Buy a Foosball Table

When exploring which foosball table to buy, you have to consider the elements that distinguish a great table from a mediocre one. Here are the characteristics you should look out for when shopping for a table that will enable you to play at the highest level:

  • Does the table weigh over 200 pounds and are the side rails at least 1 ½ inches? A heavier table is much more stable during gameplay. Take note that thicker quality side rails will ensure that there is consistency as the ball bounces around the table.
  • Does the ball roll around randomly or does it stay put when placed on the table? This is an indicator of a poor-quality table. When a ball is placed on a correctly leveled table, the ball stops and stays put. You should, especially lookout for these when buying a used foosball table.
  • Are the foosball rods hollow? High-quality rods are hollowed at the center to reduce their weight and to improve the lateral movement speed on the rods.
  • Does the table come with a side ball return? While not having a side ball return isn’t necessarily a deal-breaker, the side ball return found in quality tables enables you to quickly get the ball when you’re practicing shots solo. You don’t need to reach the ends to get the ball for your next shot.
  • Are the table’s legs adjustable? Adjustable leg levelers enable you to quickly adjust the height of the table, which makes for consistent smooth-rolling games.
  • Are the foosball players counterbalanced? Ideally, the players should hold steady when placed in a horizontal position. Non-counterbalanced players tend to topple to vertical position, which can be extremely exasperating when playing 1 to 1 game because you would need to reposition your players regularly to ensure they do not block your shots from the defense.
  • Are the handles made of tacky plastic or wood and octagon-shaped? Tacky plastic or wood are great handle materials because they provide a good grip even when you’re sweaty. The octagon shape enables you to place the fingers on the flat surface of the rod in order to improve your grip.
  • Are the foosballs tacky? You want balls that can be pinned down. So you should avoid plastic-made balls or those that have a shiny or slick finish. Tables that cost more than $500 usually come with great quality balls. Moreover, you can easily and cheaply upgrade your balls.
  • Do the foosball men have rounded and slick toes? You should ideally go for a table whose foosball med have pointed toes as well as a cross-hatch design that allows for greater ball control. The cross-hatch looks like teeth or little ridges along the base of the foot. It allows you to execute advanced shots.

What is the Best Foosball Table to Buy?

Foosball is a thrilling game with a long rich history. Finding a foosball table that suits you comes down to your level of skills, how committed you are to the game, and your budget. A good quality table will bring you joy for a long time to come, and if you work at it, you may end up as one of the best players in the world.