Portable Folding Foosball Table

If you are looking for an enjoyable way of passing the time, the best portable foosball table definitely ticks the box.  There are remarkable models that can be used in everyday gaming room, at sleepovers, parties and as after-dinner entertainment.  Additionally, they are designed for both adults and kids. Portable foosball tables are compact and can sit neatly on just about any flat surface around the home, from the floor to the kitchen countertop.  At a mere fraction of the cost of the standard-size tables, the portable are also remarkable starter tables to set the tone for bigger sized ones.

However, looking for a portable foosball table to purchase can be quite a daunting task.  The initial designs of these tables are typically massive and it was previously challenging to find a portable foosball table.  Thankfully, a number of manufacturers recognized the need for foosball tables that are sufficiently portable to be transported from one place to the next.  This article will explore portable foosball table models including the Land of Nod Portable Foosball Table and the Portable Folding Foosball Table by Restoration Hardware to assist you with deciding which table to ultimately purchase.

Land of Nod Portable Foosball Table

For easy storage, the Land of Nod table folds in half.  When it is open, the table is roughly 28 by 16 and in its folded position, it is around 14 by 16.  The spinners are not included in these measurements. 

Portable Folding Foosball Table by Restoration Hardware

With this table, you can bring the thrill of foosball just about anywhere.  It provides enjoyment for the whole family as it is easy to learn and exciting to play for competitors of every age.  The table has three wooden balls, wooden players, a felt field durable and metal hinges.  Best of all, this portable folding foosball table enables easy portability, so the excitement can be brought to parties, picnics, barbecues and more.

Price Range of Portable Folding Foosball Table 

Typically, portable foosball table models are half the size of the standard foosball models and there are some that are even smaller.  As such, they are definitely much less expensive in comparison to standard-sized foosball tables. However, despite their sizes, they offer the same level of entertainment and fun as the regular sized foosball tables.  However, because of the size reduction, the features and benefits that they offer have decreased as well.  Among the features that is typically lacking in 48 inch portable foosball table is the long legs that are usually on the bigger tables.

Things to Consider

Although a portable foosball table is the more compact and lighter weight version of regular foosball tables, a decent build quality is still needed to endure the games over an extended time.  As such, when choosing one of these tables, check out for its materials to get a concept of how well built it is and sturdy they are.  The Giantex 27-inch Foosball Table is an ideal example since it provides a sturdy MDF frame.  The first impression of this portable table is that it looks like one of the more robust mini foosball versions.

Furthermore, the playing rods are equally important as it relates to solid construction and durability. It is important that you carefully check out the types of materials used to make the rods, particularly since it will have a significant impact on the general playing experience, figuring out how focused the players and the directions of their kicks are.

The material that is used to make the handles of these portable tables will impact how well you will be able to grip them to execute precision aims.  You will also need to figure out how comfortable your hands will stay throughout the action of the game.

Configuration of Men and Goalie

Although a standard-sized foosball table usually has a significant number of players, the smaller, portable models do not have the comfort of this amount of space and as such, they are diminished in their numbers. The actual number of players will be dependent on the real size of the miniature foosball table itself, which could average between 12 and 18 players overall.  In addition, this applies to the individual configuration.  Additionally, this particular number may impact the number of goalies that you want in your preferred table, whether it be three, one or a mixture of both.

Importance of the Weight of Portable Foosball Tables

The weight of the portable foosball table is important based on two issues; where the table will be located in the home and how frequently you believe you will be needing to carry around the table. Clearly, the less the chosen table weighs, the simpler it will be to carry from one place to the other. Nevertheless, if your intention is to place it on particular surfaces like coffee tables and less supported surfaces, you will need to make sure that they can withstand the weight of the portable foosball table. The versions reviewed in this article are all lightweight; for example, the Giantex 27-inch Foosball Table at only 12 pounds and weighing in at 12.13 pounds is the Harvil Tabletop Foosball Table.  In total, the Mainstreet Classics Tabletop Foosball Table only weighs 22 pounds.

Typical Cost

Portable foosball tables are fifty percent of the size and some even tinier than that.  In comparison to those larger models, the price tag will definitely not be anything huge.  Not only are they smaller than the standard foosball tables, but they are also incapable of providing the same number of benefits and features. One of the main features lacking from these tables, is the long legs or the stand that the more prominent counterparts offered as standard. 

There are models that range from between the $40 price point and a little under the $90 price point.  As such, it is not too farfetched to conclude that you should be able to buy a fairly decent portable foosball table for well below the $100 price point.