Foosball Coffee Table

A foosball coffee table is the most critical aspects of modern corporate culture. These tables have currently replaced regular-foosball tables in offices. They have added a great compliment to the office ambiance. If you maintain a healthy workplace, then you should decide on making these tables installed.

Game Wood 42″ Table


Berner 2 in 1 in Black


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Foosball Table With Glass Top

It could be challenging to make room for a coffee table and a table for foosball, however you can ‘kill two birds with one stone’ by purchasing a foosball table with glass top. This is sufficiently small to serve as a nice one for your lounge, however it is still large enough for people to play on. Of course, everyone will need to kneel or sit throughout games to operate the players. Once you have finished playing, the rods are easy to push back in.

Reasons to Buy One

Reasons to Buy a Coffee Foosball Table

What are the best Reasons to Buy a Coffee Foosball Table? Family time can be now well-preserved and could imply some reasons for bringing one in your home. A relaxed and satisfied family – and there’s a lot more benefits a brand new coffee table can bring in your home.

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Traditional Table Style or Coffee Table?


Yes, there are plenty of homes and offices that still include the more traditionally styled foosball tables. These large, full-size game tables have long been a popular home and office addition, so it is not unusual to find them even in corporate settings. However, a traditionally styled foosball table does not exactly add a professional or sophisticated look, especially when it is included in office décor. As it becomes more common to include these tables in executive offices and shared working spaces, there has been a need for a more professionally styled table. Fortunately, today’s foosball coffee tables have sharp styling and a professional look, making them the perfect addition to any office or home. In the case of offices that already include traditional foosball tables, replacing the existing tables with new stylish foosball coffee tables can really improve the overall look of the space, while alleviating the overcrowding of too many furniture pieces.

Home Game Rooms


It is great when there is enough room in the home for a full-size foosball table. However, many homes simply do not have an overabundance of space. Home game rooms often do double-duty as the family room, home theater or home office. When space is at a premium in the home, you may be tempted to forego fun items such as a foosball table.

Fortunately, there is no need to do without foosball, even if your home game room is quite small. Instead of adding a traditional coffee table to the space, use a foosball coffee table instead. These tables can add a lot of fun to a home, adding to the overall enjoyment of the space. There is just something enjoyable and relaxing about spending some quality time at home with family and friends, playing a friendly game of foosball. It is a great activity that both adults and children can enjoy, making it a great game to add to the home. Plus, these tables have an overall great look, which will add to the attractive styling and décor of any home game room.

Choosing the Perfect Table


Once you have decided that a foosball coffee table is right for your home or office, how do you choose the perfect one? Overall, choosing one of these tables is easier than choosing a coffee table, because coffee tables come in a dizzying number of styles. Deciding upon a foosball coffee table means you will automatically have fewer styles that you will need to decide between, greatly simplifying the overall process. However, you will definitely want to choose a style, color and size that fits nicely within your space, and which adds to the overall beauty of the room.

Choosing a well-made, quality table is also important, as these tables are intended for play. While a standard coffee table only needs to deal with the occasional cup placed on its surface, a foosball coffee table may see plenty of boisterous play. Choosing a well-made, sturdy table will ensure that it will last for years to come. This can be especially important in the office setting, where a table may see plenty of play from plenty of people.

Keeping it Professional in the Office


The foosball coffee table is the perfect match for today’s modern professional office spaces. Even the most casual office space must maintain a neat and professional look. Adding a traditional foosball table can definitely take away from the professional work environment look and feel of an office. In the past, office planners sometimes balked at adding foosball features, simply because the tables did not look neat and professional.

That is why these tables truly shine in office environments. Sleek, compact and doing double-duty as a regular coffee table, they can add a touch of fun and added enjoyment to the office workplace, without taking away from the overall professionalism of the space. When not being used for a game, these tables have a small footprint, and can simply be used like any standard coffee table would be used. The foosball table elements add a lot of color and visual interest, making them an attractive and interesting office décor addition. Today’s office workers, both young and old alike, have come to expect some elements of fun in the workplace. Adding one of these tables sends the message that it is understood that hard work needs to be balanced with some leisure play.

Foosball in the Executive Offices


Executive offices, whether at home or in the workplace, are the perfect spot for foosball. However, traditionally styled foosball tables are not exactly at home in these more formalized workspaces. While a standard foosball table would look out of place and perhaps even childish, a sleek, stylish coffee table styled foosball table would be right at home. Executives work hard and are frequently under a lot of stress. Having access to a quick game of foosball can be the perfect way to blow off some steam, or even break the ice with a customer or client. It is easy to find tables that feature sleek, professional styling features, with dark glossy wood finishes that fit right into the executive office space perfectly. Even the CEO’s office will look stylish and modern with one of these tables added to the décor. After all, all work and no play makes for a very dull — and stressed– executive. Work is serious business, but that does not mean that there should not be some fun moments in the workplace as well.

Foosball Coffee Table For Sale

Foosball Coffee Table For Sale

In some respects, finding a good foosball coffee table for sale is easier, because there are less models to choose from. However, you still should ensure that it matches the style of your home. These tables are the centerpiece of your living area, so you want them to look stunning and complement other furniture in the room. All good soccer coffe tables have sufficient space for your hands beneath the tabletop, because they are both coffee tables and foosball tables. Prior to choosing one of these tables, consider the quality of materials, along with the design, performance and price point.

Smaller Office Spaces


Today’s offices are becoming more streamlined, and in many cases, smaller. Shared work areas, break-out and meet-up areas, and office lounges often do not have enough space for a lot of extra furniture pieces. A foosball coffee table is the perfect choice when there is a desire to include convenient amenities such as coffee tables as well as stress-relieving game options. These compact game furniture pieces take up no more room than a regular coffee table, while adding a fun touch to office spaces. Although the tables are compact in size, they still provide ample room for people to play. By adding a couple of chairs around the table, they can be used for a quick game, or as a traditional coffee table. When game time is over, simply push the rods in, and it can be used just as a normal coffee table would be used.

Quality Home Time


Family members are often so busy that it can be difficult to find time to do things together. Having a foosball table in the home can be a great way to bring the family together in one room for some enjoyable quality time and bonding. Because the coffee table style fits so nicely in even smaller rooms, there is no need to have a separate room for games. Instead, the family can stay together in the family room, enjoying a game of foosball while other family members watch or take part in their own leisure time activities. Many families discover that purchasing a foosball coffee table saves money overall, because they are more likely to stay at home and enjoy time together playing.

Look for Quality Features


Just as is the case with standard glass topped coffee tables, these foosball styled tables are crafted with safe, tempered glass top surfaces. A tempered glass surface is actually easier to care for as compared to a standard wood-topped coffee table, since moisture from glasses can sometimes damage wood.

The table should be well-constructed, with solid joints and sturdy legs. Keep in mind that the table may get jostled around a bit during play, so solid construction is important. Wood surfaces should be smooth, finished in a color that blends nicely with the rest of the room’s décor.

Although these tables are compact, they are available in difference sizes. If your home or office has enough space for a larger table, this could make for a more enjoyable playing experience. However, you will find that even the most compact tables provide enough room for two people to easily play a game of foosball. When adding one of these tables to a smaller room or space, choosing a slightly smaller table can actually make playing easier. Matching a smaller table to a smaller space means it will be easier to move around in the room, allowing more space for chairs, or for people to kneel and play.

Huddle Rooms, Shared Workspaces, and Foosball

Reasons to Buy a Coffee Foosball Table

Today’s office spaces frequently make good use of smaller shared work areas. Huddle rooms, break out rooms, and other small shared work areas are great locations for these tables. A quick game of foosball can be a good way to blow off some steam and brainstorm. Today’s office worker often spends a great deal of time in the office, and often even eats lunch at his or her desk. Adding a few leisure features to the office space can be a great way to break up the monotony of the office environment, and provide fun team building activities, with a bit of a competitive edge, for co-workers to enjoy. Staying late at the office to work on that report or coming in early for a group meeting is just a bit more enjoyable with a foosball coffee table in the office.

Shop Now


Browse through the table styles on this page, and then choose the table that is the best match for your home or office space. These tables are quality made, offer great prices, and provide the convenience of ordering online. Shopping and selecting your foosball coffee table online is the best way to shop, as it makes it easy to compare features and select the table that is right for you, without the need to shop in stores. Additionally, the selection of tables that is available online is more extensive than you would likely find in a local store.

Once you have made the decision to add one of these fun, attractive tables to your home, the rest is easy. Choose the one that best fits your space, order online, and get ready to experience a more enjoyable, relaxing home or workspace. Once you have your table in place, you will probably not know how you ever got by without having one.