Different Types Of Foosball Shots

Playing offensive foosball shots is always among the most prevalent positions in the game. The majority of foosball players typically focus roughly 90 percent of their training on passing and foosball shots and score shots foosball as opposed to focusing on their foosball defense.  This should not be that much of a surprise since it is challenging to master defense when you are playing foosball by yourself.  Defense is mostly practiced by actually playing games as this the only method of simulating real shots.  As such, it is difficult to come across elite defensive players.  Below you will find an overview for some of the foosball shots, from the most insane foosball shots to the most basic foosball shots:

Foosball Pull Shots

When used correctly, the Pull Shot is an extremely popular and effective shot.  It is used in tournament play and by amateurs as well.  This shot is played from the 3-bar and the middle player exclusively makes the shot.  It is done by getting the ball pulled along the rod towards the player and then rapidly shooting the ball wherever there is a hole in the defense.  This is a semi-easy shot but it takes a fair amount of time to perfect.  As an beginner, learning this shot early on is wise. 

Pull Kick Shot

This is another common foosball shot but it is not used often in tournaments; however, it can still assist quite a bit when playing in the amateur scene.  It provides you with an additional option which the opponent has to be aware of as well.  Additionally, the shot can be disguised as a typical pass on the 3-bar.

This shot is made in various ways and one of the ways in which is done is from the 3-Bar or 3 man rod with the ball positioned on the inside of the farthest player away from you.  Then the pull pass is made and the middle player is used to make the shot and get the goal.  This foosball shot is on the easier side; it is made with varying speed; however, as one of the basic foosball shots, it is easy to learn.    

Push Shot

The Push Shot is also a vital shot for beginners to learn.  It must be in your arsenal for you to advance and win the game.  It is made from the middle man at the 3-bar, totally opposite of the Pull Shot.  To execute, the middle player is placed nearest to you and the ball is on the other side of the player close to the middle. The ball should then be pushed along the bar and the shot made in one of the holes of the defense.

This is among the easier foosball shots as much ball control is not required to make it.  Similar to the Pull Shot, the Push Shot can be mastered in a number of different ways with both accuracy and speed.  This means it will take some amount of practice to master but it is still on the easier side of the scale.

Bank Shot

This is among the foosball trick shots achieved from the outside players on the rod.  This can be very effective from the 2-bar defense rod.  From an angle, the diagonal shot bounces the ball off the wall and then into the goal.

This shot is classified as medium difficulty and is one of the easier foosball trick shots.  This is because a few things are there for you to learn and be cognizant of during the match when the shot is being used.  It is important to understand the different angles and train to get the shots from various positions and when playing, there is a need to check if there is a hole on the line where the ball will go.  That is a bit more challenging with an angled shot than with a straight one.  However, when perfected it could make for some simple goals for which your opponent was not ready.

Snake Shot

The Rollover or Snake Shot is among the more advanced shots.  This requires a fair amount of ball control and a unique grip on the rod.  The shot is played from the 3-bar by the middle player.  It starts off with the ball trapped between the man before you and the table.  The shot must be made with the rod resting on the wrist and with an open hand.  Next, the man must be moved either by pulling or pushing the rod and spinning the handle of the rod simultaneously in your wrist to strike the ball with that same player in that same motion.

This is very advanced and one of the best foosball shots.  It takes a large amount of practice; therefore, if you plan on learning to master this shot, be ready to spend lots of time training at the table.  However, when it is perfected, you will be able to shine on the field, scoring a good amount of goals on it.  As one of the amazing foosball shots, it is worth mastering.

Epic Foosball Aerial Shots

The aerial shot is basically one of the foosball trick shots taken by defensive men in which the ball is raised between two of the defensive men and captured on the back of the 2-bar man.  Held at a horizontal position, the 2-bar man is moved towards the middle of the table to be positioned for the shot.  To complete the aerial shot, the ball is tossed in the air over the field in the direction of the opponent’s goal.

Learning the aerial shot is not as critical as other types of foosball shots since it is more of a trick shot than an actual shot consistently used during a game.  To shoot the aerial shot, the key is mastering the art of flicking the ball with enough force and properly aim it towards the opponent’s goal.

For more information on foosball shots, you can watch foosball shots tutorial on YouTube or read more detailed foosball shots tips.