Top Considerations When Determining The Size Of Your Foosball Table And Room Space

Knowing how much room size or square footage you will need for foosball is as important as any other game. This will help you plan your space correctly so you can fit your table. Just like when you are trying to figure out the pool table gaming room, you will need to consider understanding the measurement requirements for the foostable and the number of people who will be playing at any given time. Therefore, the last thing you want to witness is finding out that the table you have bought doesn’t fit or that the rod lengths cannot fit.

Average foosball table dimensions

Apart from the standard dimensions, small sized foostables are also available. You can get coffee table sizes and kid size foosball table designed for children. Therefore, knowing the age and the championship for which the table will be used will help you make proper decisions on the size of the table to buy.

Regulation Foosball Table Dimensions

Game Room Size

How big is a foosball table? Perhaps this is one of the most commonly asked questions. You need to know if the room space you have will be enough for fitting in the table. To properly get the correct room space, it is advisable to consider adding about 3.5-4 feet of length on each side of the width to make it comfortable for the gamers, particularly for those who adopt the standard foosball stance during play. You will need to measure the room of at least 100ft wide and 8 ft long to ensure that you achieve the most comfortable room in which the table fits.

Other Considerations

If you are keen on getting into the game you probably what to know some of the common foosball table dimensions, suitable room sizes and more. To start with, we discuss the regulation table size and walk you through the tabletop foosball dimensions. It is hopped that this post will give you a good grounding to answer the question: “what is a standard size foosball table?” and to know the standard room size you need to have.

Full Size Regulation Foosball Table Size Dimensions

The following are sone of the dimensions for a regulation foosball table that you need to know:

56 Inches (Length) x 30 Inches (Width) x 36 Inches (Height)

A majority of professional foosball table size models feature the following dimensions: a length of 56 inches, a width of 3o inches and a height of 36 inches. One of the popular examples of these tables is the Tornado Full size tables and the warrior. It is worth noting that these types of tables are the tournament level tables (tournament foosball table dimensions). This means that they are expected to have standard foosball table measurements.


The width noted above is not inclusive of the rods. With the addition of the rods may require an additional 12-18 inches to give the total width of the table. It is advisable to check the recommendations of the manufacturer for the actual rod length for your specific table since it will affect the total table width. The replacement rods often come in sets of 2-4. The longest rod measures 48.375 inches so you may need to extend the width by up to 18 inches.

Weight of the Foosball Table

Full size foostables will vary in weight. Some tables will weight as low as 100 lbs while the heaviest may weigh up to 400 lbs. while the weights do not affect the table dimensions, they are crucial consideration when during assembly and when determining the table’s sturdiness.

Additional Space Considerations

There are a few other dimensional considerations that you want to look at for instance if your foosball table has side ball return or an end ball return. The side abb returns are good since they allow for pushing the table closer to the wall. This will help the players not to strain retrieving the ball from the back ends of the table. Remember that every model has its unique dimensions so look them up so that you are aware of the exact dimensions to select.

Foosball Table Size Dimensions

Regulation size Foosball Table

Length of 56 inches, width of 30 inches and height 36 inches

Standard size Foosball Table

Length of 60 inches, 60 inches, width of 30 inches and 36 inches height.

Table Top size Foosball Table

Length (38 inches), width (20 inches) and height (9 inches)

Foldable size Foosball

Length (12.99 inches), width (27.95inches) and height (66.93inches)

As hinted to above, the regulation-size foosball table is expected to measure a length of 56 inches, a width of 30 inches and 36 inches of height. If you are planning to install your foosball in a club or a bar, you probably have more than enough space so room space may not be a real problem. However, installing standard-size foosball in your house or game room in a restricted space could create a challenge.  Therefore, you will need to take into account the size of your table, the space for players and whether your table is a side ball or and ball return design. You might also want to consider if you are going to add furniture in your room. Legroom is important, especially considering if the players will be using specific professional stances. The space to accommodate the movement of the rod back and forth will also be crucial in determining the amount of space you will need. All these things will be captured in foosball table dimensions plans for official foosball table size measurements.

Why You Need to Own a Foosball Table

For foosball enthusiasts and families that have game rooms, adding a foosball table as one of your games can be a great way of passing time and having fun. While soccer is a great for passing time, but for people who want to enjoy the game all the time whenever they have time, playing fossball is a great way of having fun. Buying a full-size foosball table will allow your family, friends and family an opportunity to enjoy the game, especially if you intend to be a move from an amateur to a professional player. For children, foosball can be the best way of steaming off and bonding with their friends.

If you are planning to incorporate foosball to your list of games, you need to remember foosball table measurements for building and all the dimensions of the table and the room size that can accommodate the table size, playing space and the number of players of spectators you expect to be in the room during the game. Now that the question:”how much room do you need for a foosball table has been answered, it is now your decision to contact the best vendors for the right foosball table to enjoy the game.