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Nothing beats lounging in a café on the weekend, with your kids playing over wood foosball tables and creating a racket similar to the one they already create at home. Despite the commotion, you’re amused by the crafty game that has nevertheless, lured your kids’ attention, thereby allowing you to relax and unwind on a Sunday afternoon.

The History of Wood Foosball Tables

Wood foosball tables or foosball — the game that probably received more claims to its invention than a jury facing the trouble of selecting an ideal candidate for a Nobel Prize! It emerged by the end of the 19th or in the near-mid of the 20th century in Europe as a recreational, parlor game.
For Lucien Rosengart, winter probably came a bit too early, when his claims of inventing foosball as an avid pastime for his grandchildren surfaced in the 1930s. These tiny tots had to parade in red, blue and white for having to settle for a game that comprised of wooden soccer players strung with the help of metal bars from one end of a mini-pool table to the other. On the other hand, Alexander de Finisterre, a survivor of the Spanish Civil War, who surprisingly had a stench of followers behind his back, claimed to have invented the game out of sheer boredom while lying in a hospital in Spain. As uneventful as it may sound, Alexander, however, claimed to have proof of the patented design of foosball or futbolin — as he called it — but unfortunately, lost it during a storm as he sprinted towards General Franco’s fascist coup d ‘état in 1937 — one of the most significant moments in French history. As ironic as it may seem, these European men were battling to have their names patented as one of the pioneers behind the idea of foosball. It is almost as if they would discover the cure to the common cold. There is somehow, evidence of an English man, Harold Searles Thornton, who claimed to be the original inventor of the game in 1923. However, as irrelevant and straightforward it may appear to be, patenting and executing an idea for a recreational game that would soon be selling to hundreds of cafés, parlors, and arcades as a simulation for football was — in all of its glory — difficult.

Wood Foosball Tables

The Rules of Playing on Wood Foosball Tables

Foosball has played a significant role in exciting young ones and elders alike into playing the game when there is either an absence of an entire football field or perhaps, the stimulus to exert oneself therein.

Wooden Goalie View

Official Rules Of Foosball

The game is played differently throughout the world, where gamers tend to make up their own rules according to the players and gameplay at hand. However, despite this free will, foosball has a set of rules that are universal and necessary to know before one goes along making his own. The game consists of open slots and metal bars for spinning your players to kick the ball around the said field. Your players can’t move or leave their place which is why your state-of-the-art Harvard wood foosball table might consist of 8 rows of fixed players (two for goalies) for kicking the ball around. Despite spinning in your position, no player is allowed to do a 360 in its area. You might be surprised to learn that similar to any game of football, and you need precision in handling your players, demand on the ball and eyes on the goalie at all times. You never know where you miss an easy shot and your opponent with no winning strategy or gameplay scores one. The wood foosball table consists of two sidewalls, each of which comprises a hole for the football to enter the game during service. A coin toss can help the two opposing teams decide the terms of serving the ball in the game. Traditionally, you might call it a victory with only five goals to boot. However, newer solid wood foosball tables can accommodate 10 or more goals in a single game. To score, the ball has to enter your opponent’s goal after the influence of rigorous gameplay. With all that’s said, players can’t declare a goal after the ball immediately ends in the goal after a player’s service. There are times when the ball might end up in dead ends within the foosball table for sell wood. This ball is of no use and requires the player to serve again for the continuation of gameplay.

Wooden Sideview

How Does the World Play Foosball

Texas Foosball 

Wood foosball tables are usually made up of mahogany, at least in America, where the game is referred to as Texas Foosball. The players or figurines and the football are made up of plastic; however, the manufacturer can change the material to whatever ensures a faster and robust game. In contrast to how the game is usually played with one goalie subjected to each side for the protection of the ball, Texas Foosball comprises of three goalies, making the game more challenging and thrilling. This also prevents the football from landing in the corner of the table and getting stuck repeatedly. 

Tacky Cork-ball 

A little humor there, the French don’t call Foosball as tacky cork-ball. In contrast to the real wood games foosball table in America, the French are somehow, more interested in the strategic planning and playing of the game than its design. Therefore, a French wood foosball table is tacky with the football made out of cork which eventually, slows the game throughout. In France, the game is taken more seriously, as the players usually take time to strategically call in the shots with more focus towards lining them up and passing the ball around. 

The German Gameplay 

Foosball is perhaps, taken far more seriously in Germany than in any other part of the world. The tables are softer, allowing players to maneuver the figurines and claim control on the football correctly.

Italy’s Sandblast

In Italy, the all wood foosball tables are replaced with those made out of sandblasted glass, but that’s only in prime locations or where the game is taken seriously. These foosball tables allow for better gameplay and precision, therefore, making the game smooth and fast to play for enthused ones. Contrastingly, there are also foosball tables that are made up of plastic due to which the players have to be on their toes (or their hands) to handle the game with absolute precision.

Old Angle View

5 Reasons Why You Should Play Foosball

While table soccer, table football or foosball might not allow you to tend to tedious workout sessions, it can help you to burn your calories in more ways than you can think. This workout might not require your legs, but it does need your eagle eyes since foosball and precision in handling go hand in hand. Mentioned below are three reasons why you should invest in an indoor or outdoor foosball table today.

Sports Room

Coordination Skills

Sports like tennis, badminton, and racquetball require you to play with your eyes instead of your legs — though they’re equally as crucial while playing on the field. However, there is a lot of context to the saying, ‘eyes on the ball’, especially when it’s truer than ever in table soccer or foosball. While playing foosball, you have to keep your hands on the ball so that you can maneuver your figurines towards the scoring of a goal. This requires some serious hand-to-eye coordination skills, therefore, taking you towards improvement with each game.

Old Design

Opportunity To Make New Friends

Foosball tables are usually placed in cafes or parlors as an addition to the pinball machine for kids and stereo for adults. Moreover, a game of foosball might help to save you from your routinely boring office speeches and energize you for the next conference on schedule. If you’re an avid player, then you might meet players who are equally or perhaps, more talented than you are in playing a game of foosball. You might team up with them to make the game more exciting and challenging for your opponents or join a foosball league competition with them. You can talk up a storm while playing with your friends and beat your heads in over foosball gameplay strategies, office-talk, sports or politics, etc.

Wooden On A Carpet

The Adrenaline and Endorphin Rush

Scoring a goal in foosball is as significant as scoring one on the main battlefield. While playing a game of foosball, you experience an adrenaline rush, causing you to perform better than your last sprinter so that you score a goal. Scoring a goal might make you happy by allowing you to feel ‘accomplished’ with the release of endorphins in your system. Did somebody mention full bragging rights and self-control over one’s happiness with a small game of table football? This is perhaps your lucky day.

Massive Wooden

Are You Getting One Today

Even if you don’t have time to head to the bar that’s located outside of town with an impressive foosball table, get one for your office so that you can escape the drudgery of your clients whenever you can. You can get one for your indoor game room or place it on an outdoor terrace so that your kids (read: you) can have a good time while relaxing and resting.