Transform Your Gaming Space With A Luxury Foosball Table

Owning a game room confirms that you are a passionate gamer. Like most game players, you must have thought of creating a luxurious gaming space that you’ll never dream of leaving. If you love tabletop games, you probably are looking forward to buying a luxury foosball table. But lack of the right knowledge about this game could be holding you from bringing your ideas into reality.  

Why not ask any foosball enthusiast and witness them confirm how this soccer sport-like game has evolved tremendously? With now many models in the market like the luxury Harvard foosball table, among others, you can be sure to find a unique foosball table that will offer you endless entertainment.

Whatever you choose to invest in, be it the cheapest or the most expensive foosball table ever, be sure you’ll have found an excellent addition to your gaming space. It’s fun, extremely competitive, and an intense tabletop game that requires a minimum of two players.

What Type of Foosball Table Should You Buy?

Shopping for a luxury foosball table can be an exciting yet daunting process. You want to get this tabletop game that will fill your days with fun, but you’ve no clue what to look out for. With many foosball tables of varied sizes, prices, and quality levels out there, you can’t afford to overlook some vital aspects. Otherwise, you’ll end up investing in a table game that won’t match your needs. So, what should you keep in mind when buying a luxury foosball table?

Skill level

A foosball game is designed to suit players of various levels; kids, teens, and adults alike. Thus, you consider the skill level of the players. The game comes with a set of challenges to analyze and resolve for each play group. 

If you are bringing new players (your kids, teens, or adults) into the game, get a tabletop model that allows upgrading to match the player’s skill level as they advance. Such models are usually cheap. But if you are an average foosball gamer and looking to invest in a table that can allow you and other players to grow your skills, consider buying a mid-level table.

It’s likely to cost you approximately $500. But if you consider yourselves veterans in foosball, be ready to invest in an expensive good foosball table, the high-end tournament models as they would suit your skill level.


The foosball tables vary in size. The longer the table, the more players it will accommodate. Ensure your gaming room is big enough to fit the table and the players.  You want to feel free as you play while ensuring the protruding rods won’t cause any risks. So ask yourself if:

You want to buy a foosball table that can allow more players at a time, or

You will incorporate kids into the game, or it’ll be for adults only.

Only then will you determine the table dimensions and size that suits your room and usage.


The materials used in constructing the luxury foosball table will influence its price and longevity. The most expensive foosball table is built using top-quality materials, such as metal, solid wood, and composite. These tables are strong, durable, and can stand a lot of playing for long hours without posing any playability problems.

If you are looking to buy a less expensive foosball table, you may consider those made of particleboard. But ensure the sidewalls are thicker and the joints are well-reinforced to guarantee better durability. Particleboard is a low-quality material meaning you will likely experience playability issues with tables made from it.  Nevertheless, the choice of your foosball table will depend on your budget and specifications.

Used or New?

Like many purchases, you have the option to buy a used or a new foosball table. Some people would rather invest in an expensive metal foosball table while others would opt for a luxury soccer table foosball game room 56″ 4 player furniture old model.

Either way, any option can save your wallet. Whether you choose to go with a top-quality new foosball table or you select a used luxurious model. But inspect the used model for dents, cracks, or chips, make sure you test it to gauge its playability abilities. Remember, the playfield must be leveled, and the rods must be straight. Only buy a used table that is in perfect condition. Go for the foosball table that you want!

Goalie configuration

Different tables will have different goalie configurations. Typically, the tables come in a single goalie or a three goalie. If you want to enjoy both configurations, look for convertible foosball tables. They allow you to change the configurations to match your skill level and preferences. A three goalie is less complex, whereas one goalie is highly recommended for advanced players.

Legs levelers

The legs determine the table’s stability and height, yet it’s the most overlooked feature. Take heed of the thickness of your table’s leg and the levelers’ adjustability. You should be able to adjust the luxury foosball table to the players’ height and still maintain a firm balance.


Rods are the controls that players use to command the position of men on the playfield. They can either be hollowed out or telescopic or solid rods.  If you want to enjoy faster movements, go for a foosball table fitted with hollowed-out rods. But if you are looking for a safer option for young players like kids, get a table installed with telescopic rods. Solid rods will limit your speed movement and feel a bit heavier.


Lastly, you’ll want a luxury foosball table that you can be fond of and will always inspire you to want to play. That said, find a foosball table that suits your personal style. It should have an elegant design and great graphics. Whether you want a contemporary or a traditionally designed table, you can always find your style.

Current Situation

Manufacturers are out to meet the ever-increasing demand for foosball tables. You can be sure to come across multiple gaming tables with new and different exciting features. That means there’s a lot to consider when buying a foosball table.

Concluding Thoughts on a Luxury Foosball Table

If you’re in the market for this luxury foosball table game, take time to compare the different models in the market. You may be lucky to find a Sportcraft foosball table expensive model with nifty features, making it a worthwhile investment. You can also come across a more affordable foosball model built to your expectations. Always do a thorough search to ensure you are investing in the right foosball table for you.