Foosball Table Brand Reviews

foosball table brand reviews
Foosball Standards

If you go through the reviews on Foosball tables for sell, then only you will come to know about the most popular brands available currently. These reviews will enable you to make a clear comparison of the top-rated brands.

Tornado Sport Brand Review

Sport-quality of these Foosball tables is simply terrific and incomparable. These tables are now available in different beautiful colors, and in most of the cases, European-style is followed by the manufacturers. Though these tables are a bit expensive, you can find multiple classy features in them. Composite material having outstanding durability had been used here, but it is no less than hardwood. Play-surfaces are green, and thus the players feel fresh and energetic. Mahogany melamine finishing of these tables is simply outstanding. The game can be now played easily and faster due to the presence of lighter steel rods. These tables are stable, and this is why you can make use of them for many years. Check out our Tornado reviews.

Garland G-500 Brand Review

This is one of the most popular brands in America. Foosball-tables under this particular brand are of extremely high-quality, and this is why the brand is so much in demands these days. These tables are being featured with side panels, sloped corners, one-goalie back-rods and others. Green-plastic lamination instead of MDF has made the playing-surface more eye-catchy and exciting in appeal. The legs are varnished with black-powder, and they are so very flexible that you can make necessary adjustments in accordance with the requirement. The abacus-styled scoreboard has added a great compliment to these European-styled tables. These tables are comparatively cheaper, and thus you can easily avail the same within your budget.

Carrom Signature Brand Review

One of the most attractive features of these tables is that they are much cheaper than other available brands in the market. The construction of these tables is very much sophisticated and high-tech. These tables are well-known for classy looks. You can now receive an amazing conversion-kit with these tables. This conversion-kit is highly useful in entertaining instant table conversion. Both advanced and intermediate players can now easily make use of these tables. This is why you can refer these tables as versatile. If you make a detailed market-survey, then you will come to know that these tables have got the highest rankings. Check out our Carrom foosball table reviews.

Kettler Cavalier Brand Review

These tables seem to be the best option for outdoor purposes. They are completely waterproof, and this is why you can now make optimum usage of these tables at your garden spaces for either family get-togethers or outdoor parties. Since these tables are of premium quality, therefore they have got a comparatively higher cost. Chromium plating together with waterproof resins has made these tables more unique and durable. Comparatively bigger handles are found out here, and these handles can be comfortably held for the sake of accessing these tables. You can now receive a warranty of almost three-years.

Hathaway Playoff Brand Review

These tables are pretty cost-effective. They are almost four-inches higher, and thus foosball can be comfortably played for hours on these tables. They are very much light-weighted, and thus they can be easily placed at any corner you desire.

If you are purchasing any of these brands for the first time, then you should check out the reviews first. Else you can also take expert advice for making a selection of the right one.  Check out our Hathaway foosball table reviews.

Recommended Foosball Tables

A lot of customers at Amazon go for quality and price when shopping for foosball tables. The most favorite or preferred brand is Tornado (especially for experienced players) which has four models – Tornado Sport, Tornado Classic, Tornado Elite, and Tornado T-3000 which are the most elite foosball model lineup that are priced at $1,000 and above; that caters to foosball or table soccer fans and professional players. On the other hand, foosball players who are looking into reasonably priced tournament-type of foosball tables would opt for the Warrior Professional Foosball Table which is only priced at $569 at Amazon. Some other favorite options are Carrom Signature Foosball Table, Kick, Chicago Gaming, Warrior, Atomic Pro Force Foosball Table, Harvil, and Playcraft Sport Foosball Table, to name a few.

When you’re at your wit’s end, you just have to decide on the foosball table that suits your budget while also providing the quality gameplay and durability that you need for it to qualify as a great investment piece that is worth the buck.

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