Why Every College Dorm Must Have a Foosball Table

Foosball Fun

Cramped living in a dorm is an attractive way to socialize. College dorms are beefed up with superb amenities that are sure to entice college students to mingle and be active in sports. There are universities which provide top-notch amenities like private pools, movie theaters, media lounges, music rooms, and sports areas with foosball tables and other gaming amenities, to name some of the features. These range from the most opulent or lavish ones up to the practical amenities that make every dorm conducive to socialization and learning.

One of the top favorite amenities to dorms is a foosball table (I remember my one of my first college experiences was playing on an old Warrior foosball table with my new friends). This gaming concept has been around for many years since its conception in 1921. Among contemporaries like the billiards table and ping pong, the popularity of foosball table transcends age and gender. This is a great addition to any dorm because it injects violence-free and fun simulation of soccer that is great for group playing. Playing foosball takes a lot of hand-eye coordination skills and encourages teamwork.


Here are the awesome advantages of having a foosball table in every college dorm:

Foosball Connects People

A lot of people can get socially disconnected in universities because of stress in school work but foosball can get a way around it and help people socialize and communicate better. This is a great way to spark communication and strengthen friendships sparked by a common interest. A lot of fun and even brilliant conversations start with a game of foosball. This allows a stress-free and playful environment that creates that mental and strategic workout.

Foosball Facilitates Teamwork

College dorms are cramped with people of all shapes and sizes. Playing foosball which can be played by 2 to 4 people harnesses healthy competition and teamwork. This is a competitive sport that allows players to think on their toes, watch their opponent’s moves, and become a better player every time.

Great Mind and Body Workout

This is definitely a total workout that is great for college students who are in need of a sport to de-stress and even to improve their motor skills. More so, this is considered a rehabilitation sport for people who have had previous injuries or those suffering from arthritis.

Anybody Can Play Foosball

You may be a newbie at foosball or playing pro – but anyone can have fair play in the name of foosball. The great thing about this gaming table is that it can be played by your professor, family, friends, or with college dorm mates – no matter what age, gender, or social status one may have.

Foosball is a fast simulation game that draws in a lot of fans all over the world. Even students in dorms can’t survive piles of books without it. Foosball is widely enjoyed by the young generation (as much as oldies would) because it is interactive and strategic as well as also encourages team solidarity and cooperation for winning the game. It allows more reasons for college students to party and socialize amidst school breaks.

So if your college doesn’t have a foosball table and you decide you want to grab a foosball table before starting back in the spring, check out our reviews and find the best foosball table for you, and surprise your dorm-mates with a foosball table when you show back up this spring!

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