Kick Legend Foosball Table Review

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4.6/5 on September 28, 2017

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Heavy and sturdy for better gameplay

Elegantly designed with no-slip handles and counter-balanced players

Excellent customer service


Difficult to assemble alone


The Kick Legend Foosball Table is just for you. A steady, sturdy foosball table that encourages even the most enthusiastic game and matches any room design for the best experience of foosball.

If you’ve come with a checklist of what makes a good foosball table for you, you’re in the right place. With this comprehensive review, you will quickly be able to find out if the Kick Legend Foosball Table matches it, and if it is the perfect foosball table for your home, workplace, or organization.

If you are looking for a foosball table that will last years of fun playing and can easily match any room with its classic and elegant design, you are looking for the Kick Legend Foosball Table. Let’s take a closer look at what makes this foosball table the best for you.

Kick Legend Foosball Table Review: The Specs

A Flat and Level Playing Surface? Check.

We all know that the slightest tilt one direction or another can make all the difference to a good and solid game of foosball. With a 1/2 inch-thick playing field and 5-inch leg levelers, you can always ensure a fair playing field. They automatically adjust according to the floor quality, so that even on an uneven surface, you are assured of a stable floor and a fair game.

This is increased by the weight of the table itself. At 143 pounds shipping weight, you need two people to carry it around. Because of this weight, and the leg levelers, the table doesn’t move around even when everyone gets excited in the heat of the game. A table like this can last as many games as you wish to play on it. (There’s more to this–read on!)

Solid Playing Rods and Handles? Check.

Besides a flat and level playing surface, the trick to great foosball gameplay is in the rods and handles. These are the pieces you want on your side when it comes to the game. For the Kick Legend Foosball Table, it has 5/8 inch player rods of solid steel. The weight gives you more control over the players, and gives you more momentum and strength when you swing.

It’s a dreadful feeling when the rod handle slips in your hand or refuses to respond to your spin. This foosball table has no-slip grip wooden handles on each one of its playing rods. With this kind of handle, and the solid steel playing rods, a twirl and a twist of your wrist will direct your men perfectly (and your ball straight into the goal).

Counter-balanced Players? Check.

A basic foosball must-have, the full set of playing men is composed of counter-balanced pieces. These players are balanced so that their heads have the same weight and balance as their toes. What does this mean for a game? Most lower-quality tables have men only weighted at the toe. This keeps them either perpetually feet-down, or when you really need them out of the way, feet-up.

The problem? It’s difficult to maintain a good strategy with your own players’ legs in the way on the ground. On the other hand, if you want to take a high shot, it’s difficult to do so if your players are feet-up in an attempt to clear the field. Counter-balanced players point and lie wherever you direct them. Turning them horizontally to clear the way both above and below will be your advantage in a heated game. And, of course, who doesn’t like a little more weight to the players? It increases the speed and momentum of the kick.

Front Ball Return? Check.

No one wants anything that will slow down an avid game of foosball because of waiting. For faster and easier gameplay, there is a front ball return on both ends of the table, convenient in a quick game. With this, any player can quickly return the ball to the field and keep the ball rolling, so to speak, without any drop in the speed of the action.

Fits Your Budget? Absolutely.

A table of this quality is always cheap for the price. Check out our Amazon link for the current best price listing for the Kick Legend Foosball Table.

Kick Legend Foosball Table Review: The Perks

Elegant Design? Check.

All that gameplay perfection and elegant, too? Check it out. A medium-brown finish with ebony legs makes this foosball table a functional yet decorative addition to any living room, family den, or game room. Every time you see the table, it’s like an invitation to play. It’s a look that won’t grow old, and matches practically every kind of design or decor in the room.

Near-perfect Customer Service? Check.

Every now and then, customers discover a flaw in their package. When that happens, a single call to the Kick company brings a replacement within the next day or so. They have been known to ship even through Christmas, making certain your anticipated game happens sooner than you thought. Every complaint inevitably turns into a compliment with this kind of dedicated customer service.

Unlimited Lifetime Warranty? Check.

Talk about the most-awaited words! As long as you own a Kick Legend Foosball Table, you have an unlimited lifetime warranty with Kick. This is how you know you have a table you can play for years. Just call in for any replacement of parts that have been affected through enthusiastic playing, and Kick will see you through. Who could ask for more?

Kick Legend Foosball Table Review: The Only Reported Con

Because of the weight and solid make of the table, it may be a bit difficult to assemble–especially if you’re alone. The solution, of course, is to turn the table assembly into a family affair, or to invite a friend or two over to figure it out. A quick call to their customer service does no harm, and can help you and the company make the most out of your table. An experienced eye or hand could help as well. However, once set up, the gameplay and design are worth it.

If our checklists match, the Kick Legend Foosball Table is just for you. A steady, sturdy foosball table that encourages even the most enthusiastic game and matches any room design for the best experience of foosball.

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