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Every foosball player knows that you can’t play a great game with just any foosball table. You can’t have an outbalanced field, or the ball won’t go where you direct it. You can’t have a player set that’s not counter-balanced, or their feet will always be in the air when you need them on the ground, or pointing anywhere else than where you pointed them. You can’t have handles without no-slip rubber grips, or you’ll lose control of your players and the ball.

The 55-inch KICK Legend Foosball Table offers a one-half inch playing field, and each table leg has a 5-inch leveler that enables a balanced, flat surface. It has two player sets, uniformed and non-uniformed, counter-balanced for the best playing experience. With no-slip rubber grips, a front ball return slot on both sides, and slide scoring, the KICK Legend Foosball offers everything an avid player would want. All this with the added benefit of affordability.

Don’t take it from us–take it from the reviews.

KICK Legend Foosball Table Review: It’s Heavy and Steady

Verified purchaser shane gives this foosball table a 5-star rating. He comments, “you will definitely need 2 strong adults to move it.” The advantage, however, was that “All in all, it is the best table I have ever played on!!! The kids and I love it! It is very sturdy and it doesn’t move or shift AT ALL when your playing hard!!! I would recommend this Foosball Table to anyone who wants to have a quality table that will last for years to come!”

Joel Garza agrees, saying, “My kids truly enjoy it, and the table is durable so it can definitely withstand any rough play. I would recommend this product to my friends and family.” It’s worth a 5-star review for him.

An Amazon customer gave a strong review (and a 5-star rating) from a Boston childcare center, in May 2016. They say:

“This table was purchased in July 2015 and has proven very durable in our active school-age classroom. It is among our most favored activities and works extremely well compared to lesser models that we have tried out-everything moves well and after 9 months it is still in great shape, needing no tightening or replacement parts. The teacher who put it together (who is fairly skillful at this sort of thing) reported that it went together with ease and that all of the parts were included and intact. Even after a heavy flood at the end of the winter this item needed only cleaning and re-tuning to work again perfectly-thank you for a great product!”

KICK Legend Foosball Table Review: It has an Elegant Design

Joel Garza appreciates the ebony and wood finish of the foosball table, saying, “I have this Legend table in my game room and it looks great! It really looks like a piece of elegant furniture in my game room.” Another customer remarks, “Sharp looking table.” High praise comes from srs, another verified purchaser who says, “We love our Kick Legend foosball table. It’s much nicer looking and more modern than most tables in this price category.”

KICK Legend Foosball Table Review: Customer Service has No Limits

Any possible complaints the reviewers could have turned quickly into a 5-star compliment because of the extra-mile customer service. One customer reports:

“REALLY nice table at a really good price. Was much sturdier than expected. Excellent customer service. Ordered it for a family Xmas present and unfortunately was missing one of the rods. I didn’t notice until I was putting it together on Xmas Eve. So why 5 stars?…On a whim, I called customer service but ended up leaving a voice mail. They called me back…ON XMAS EVE…an hour later. They over-nighted me a replacement on the 26th, and we were able to use the table all of Xmas break. They followed up to make sure it was received and that I was satisfied. Really top notch customer service.”

Another verified purchaser reports:

“Assembly instructions were decent, with the exception of the stabilizer bar installation underneath the playing surface. This was easily clarified during a phone conversation with a customer service representative. The customer service department is very friendly and responsive. I had an issue with a corner bumper (an option if you want to use one goal keeper instead of three) and an issue with one of the guides for the rods. Customer service quickly provided replacements and we didn’t miss any playing time.”

Allynne Mower says, “This is a good product, we ordered it late in the Christmas season and it still made it in time. We opened the package and found that the build instructions were missing. I contacted the Kick company phone, and left a message on Saturday, and Alex with Kick had the instructions to me by Sunday afternoon. Far sooner then I expected on the weekend of Christmas.”

KICK Legend Foosball Table Review: It’s a Bit Challenging to Assemble

Without the background experience, feedback says it’s all a bit of a challenge to set up. Janet says, “Nice table but VERY DIFFICULT to put together. Company contacted us after posting them only 3 stars and wanted to know what they could do to help us out and make the problem better.”

Joel Garza agrees but says, “I don’t have any experience building furniture and it sure isn’t my forte but as long as you follow the instructions you will be playing foosball in no time.” Florence Jean-Louis comments, “Love this product, putting it together was a bit on the hard side too many pieces, other than that it is a great. Family has been enjoying.”

Jeffrey A. Schuler says, “. . . The table took me almost 4 hours to put together by myself. My wife had to help me flip it when the time came. Two people with screw drivers could probably put it together in less than 90 minutes. The whole process wasn’t hard just time consuming. The next day when the glue was dried, there was no evidence of any structural problem and the tops are probably more secure. Again I want to stress I DID NOT call Amazon or the maker of this table. The end result is that the table is together, I didn’t have to wait for a return or part replacement, and we all love this table. So instead of a 2 or 3 star because of the problems I had, we voted 5 because It’s a really nice foosball table.”

KICK Legend Foosball Table Review

The review’s speak for themselves. With some study of the building instructions and the number of the company’s customer service, you are all set for a great foosball game on a table that will last you years. Check out more Amazon reviews before you buy.

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