Best Foosball Players in the World

interesting foosball facts

Foosball is not just a game of physical strength but also a test of mental agility. The best foosball players in the world vary in age, degree, or skillset but they have a common denominator – the blitz for foosball. It’s a high-intensity game that can be played by kids and adults alike as well […]

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6 Best Foosball Trick Videos by Robert Atha


Robert “Rob” Atha, dubbed to be the “Wonderkid” has been acing foosball tournaments left and right. This foosball icon is unstoppable as he holds the current post as 1st in the World Cup and top 5 in the ITSF. He also has been dominating the UK scene for years (#1 according to the official BFA […]

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History of the Foosball Table


Foosball is awesome, every single aspect of it. Even the history of the foosball table is awesome. Without further ado, the history of the foosball table. Foosball Tables are also commonly referred to as soccer table, table soccer, table football, baby kicker, or baby foot which is a table-top sport or game that is somehow […]

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Foosball Rules and Regulations


When it comes to foosball, most people are just playing for fun. However, there are those that take the game a bit more seriously. For those that see foosball as more sport, less game, here are the official rules as written by RecRoom Products. RULES & TIPS 1. Start Flip a coin to see who […]

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My First Memory of Foosball With the Family


I don’t remember the first time I ever saw a foosball table. I’m sure I had seen them well before the memory I’m about to recall; however, I had never really played with one until Christmas one year when my Uncle Carlos received a foosball table. He is an avid fan of soccer, and he […]

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