5 Reasons Why You Should Have a Foosball Table in Your Office

Foosball Fun

Company culture is important but it is difficult to create one that works. If you believe in the mantra – keeping your employees happy boosts productivity – then you must think outside the box and innovate with your office space. Modern workplaces in the United States have lots of perks in the office to keep workers overall healthy, happy, and productive. Even the biggest brands and companies like Procter & Gample, Apple, Google, Silicon Valley, Starbucks, and Facebook have integrated a fresh and fluid approach into an otherwise traditional workspace.


American workplaces today have included free snacks or coffee, nap areas, and gaming areas that include foosball table in the office to keep their workers more driven, competitive, and motivated to get the ball rolling.  It serves as an avenue to maintain a relaxed and energized atmosphere to keep the balance in an otherwise highly toxic office culture. When the pressure mounts, employees do need these extra perks to keep their sanity intact and keep their eyes on the goal.

Here are 5 reasons why you should have a foosball table in your office:

  1. Relax your eyes. Working long hours infront of the computer can cause strain your eyes which trigger chronic headaches or migraine, blurred vision, and dry or itchy eyes. Our eyes get stressed too from being exposed to computer screens and radiation can take its toll on your health. A quick game of foosball helps to refocus your lenses and serves as a robust visual exercise to keep you focused and extra attentive with details.
  2. Help with poor posture. Most offices would require you to be glued in your desk and work on the same paperwork every day. Playing foosball encourages you to stand up and work your body more to keep your posture aligned. Read more about why posture is important in the workplace.
  3. Facilitates easy brainstorming. This helped Google staff figure some things out with work with a game of pool. Same thing goes with foosball, this keeps people highly engaged in discussions while keeping active both physically and mentally.
  4. Keep the company culture robust. Playing foosball is an excellent avenue for socialization. This opens up communication channels and encourages workers to get to know people beyond just their names. This allows people to talk about other things besides work. This encourages friendly competition and develops camaraderie between co-workers and even with the management ranks.
  5. A good excuse to keep loose. You can survive an extremely toxic work environment by having a foosball table to play with a team. Break times are definitely more interactive, sweaty, and fun with a foosball table to toy with. This allows workers to relax and enjoy foosball with some snacks while on break.

Learning curves are flexible in companies; which have integrated fun parts to an otherwise serious office undertone. Building great office cultures requires team leaders and CEOs to innovate and keep their employees motivated to push themselves out of their comfort zones and exceed expectations. Satisfied and primed workforce are able to generate more sales and drive generous profit for their company’s advantage.


If you are thinking about getting a foosball table for your office, check out my foosball table reviews and find a table (or two) to fit your office needs and budget.

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