12 Interesting Facts about Foosball Tables

interesting foosball facts
Foosball Fun

Do you want to get an excellent game-room? Well, in this case, nothing can be the best option other than Foosball tables. You can now get the chance of spending long entertainment hours just by using these gaming tables. Check out these awesome, interesting facts, then check out our foosball table reviews.

Exciting facts about foosball tables:

  • In case of standard foosball-tables, 22 and 26 players are usually found. Due to configurations, the player-count differs. 22-players are being divided into two teams of 11 members each. In case of 26-players, 13 members are found in each team.
  • Two most popular configurations that have been included in these tables are three-man goalie and one-man goalie.
  • Varied sizes are now available in these tables. In accordance of player count you can make selection of the right size. You also need to consider your space, preference and requirement for deciding the exact size. Two commonest sizes are now available in classy foosball-tables.
  • The players need to abide by some strictest rules for playing foosball-game. Tournament-playing guidelines need to be read thoroughly for participating in big tournaments.
  • The balls can be now hit almost at 35mph speed. In fact, this speed holds back the gaming interests and player enthusiasm for long.
  • Foosball-game is getting played since early of 1950. This is one of the best traditional games and now it is getting practiced at almost every corporate office.
  • Longest foosball-table recorded at Guinness-book has got a length of almost 121, 40 me. Turin, Italy is the place where this table has been manufactured. Almost 424 players can play Foosball on this table.
  • Steel-rods are being used for getting a proper hold. These rods are pretty hollow and lighter. These durable rods help in playing the concerned game with greater speed.
  • Table-legs are very much adjustable in nature and thus the table-height can be easily adjusted as per the height of the players. Adults or older teens can now smoothly carry-on their games without any inconveniences due to the presence of these flexible legs. Adjustable legs enable you maintaining a perfect leveling for using the tables comfortably over uneven floors.
  • High-quality and durable materials especially hardwood, composite material, particle boards and others are being used. Oak can be used as one of the best wood materials. Oak-made tables are the strongest of all and thus the manufacturers offer highest warranty on them.
  • Foosball-table types need to be determined for choosing the right gaming table. Common types of these tables are stand-alone, table-top, multi-game and coin-operated. All these tables are being equipped with excellent designs. They can be used both for domestic and commercial purposes. Coin-operated ones are mostly found in sports bars, dormitories, youth clubs, pubs and arcades.
  • “11-The Beautiful Game” is the most costly foosball-table till date. $68,000 is the price of this table.

The above facts are very much useful, and they can enable you to get a clear conception of foosball tables. You can use these tables both indoors and outdoors. Make sure that the outdoor ones are completely waterproof.

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