Best Foosball Table Reviews

The smallest details can certainly make every piece of furniture stand out from the background. What sets a foosball table apart from any table you might have is its x-factor. This, simply-put, is giving you more add-on value in entertainment aside from the standard definition of a table. It’s not just dead wood lying around the room for people to put things for it to hold. The foosball table is far from that purpose – it is interactive and visually stimulating for a soccer fan which makes every table experience pure fun and pleasurable for the entire family.

Foosball Table Standards

A full-sized foosball table or soccer table has measurements of 56” in approximate length by 30” in width. Recommended playing area should be 7 x 8ft because the player needs a wider space for playing as the rods also stick out on the sides.

The five (5) official foosball brands are Roberto Sport, Bonzini, Tornado, Garlamdo, Warrior, Leonhart, and Fireball. These are all recognized by ITSF as standard tables that can participate in annual international tournaments. That being said, it doesn’t mean that these are the best foosball table brands. There are many great brands, many of which are more affordable.

A standard foosball table is basically composed of 8 rods, balls, table soccer figures, and handles. Goals are placed at each end; with a spot to serve right in the middle. Each team makes use the handles to move their respective players into striking the ball towards the opponent team’s goal. The key is to always keep the ball on the right side and defend the left side of the table.



How to Use Foosball Table Reviews

Here’s a checklist on what to look for when reading foosball table reviews:

  • First off, you need to determine whether the foosball table is for your kids, for family use, or for training in tournaments. This is where you will base the features, specifications, and price range that you need for your foosball table.
  • There are illegal or spinned foosball tables in the market which is priced way low which should give you a clue that it’s fake. Tempting, but you should always prioritize quality foosball tables rather than be shortchanged for buying knock-offs.
  • Whether it’s for recreational or for professional foosball table tournaments, investing in high quality tabletop or premiere foosball tables is always the best option. If you think that it would be too pricey for you to afford, a few hundred dollars to save for buying low-quality foosball tables won’t be worth it over the long haul. Go for the top rated foosball tables than the toy tables because it is worth the investment.
  • Your kids will ultimately grow up (faster than you think) and will need standard-size tables. Invest in full-size foosball tables (36”) that are adjustable in height.
  • The cabinets, legs, and playing surface must be high-quality and made of durable materials that can withstand long-time use and abuse when playing.
  • You can also check out manufacturers that can do custom-made foosball tables according to your desired color that can match your furniture or home decor.
  • Make sure that there are no “dead spots” in the surface of the table because this can get in the way of a smooth gaming experience as the players will be unable to get to the ball.
  • Thicker is always better when it comes to the material of foosball tables. Check for loose ends like if the paint is starting to peel off or if the table legs are crappy or shaky because this could mean it’s not made out of high-end materials.
  • Check out resale value whenever you buy foosball tables. Every item you purchase especially if you are looking to buy premiere foosball tables is deemed an investment piece which could appreciate in value over time or you could resell it to gain instant profit. The thing is – you should buy low and sell high. It is recommended to buy online from reputable stores because you can get it for a much lower price which you can re-sell locally for a higher price tag.


Foosball Table vs. Foosball Coffee Table

The foosball table as discussed above is all out for the sweaty stuff and adrenaline pumping elements of gaming. It’s bulky and you must be up and about while working the rods to elevate the gameplay. If you are a sucker for soccer and dream to be in the tournaments then this is a must-have for your home or even the bar.

On the other hand, the foosball coffee table is certainly a sight to savor and experience. It’s a very classic piece that is perfect for the receiving area or even in the den because its overall design is made sleek and elegant. This is also a very interactive and functional piece of furniture that every home must have. It’s a great conversation starter because you can play foosball while enjoying a cup of coffee with your loved one, your boss, or friends.


What sets this apart from the standard foosball table is that it has an elegant frame with a sturdy glass casing or cover so you can place your coffee cups on top while playing foosball. This is basically much lower in height and less bulky than the regular foosball in which you have to use chairs for playing the game. This is great for enjoying intimate moments with your spouse or discussing business with a partner, even negotiating a potential raise from your boss.

On the contrary, the regular foosball table has to be played while you’re up on your feet. The intimacy and simplicity of playing with the coffee foosball table becomes irrelevant with the use of the regular foosball table which makes up a loud, boisterous, and very interactive gaming experience. This is also bulkier and larger in built as compared to the foosball coffee table.

Best Foosball Tables

The best two foosball tables know how to level the playing field despite variations in prices and selling points. Check out Carrom Signature Foosball Table and Tornado Sport Foosball Table:

Carrom Signature Foosball Table

While this may not be a tournament foosball table, the Carrom Signature Foosball Table is all about beauty, quality, and performance. Priced $659 at Amazon, this is one of the expensive foosball tables but is worth the investment. It’s made from the United States which in itself guarantees its superior brand of excellence. The material is made of Bur Oak which is a very durable and is set at the right thickness (1”). This can withstand recreational and competitive play and can bear rough games for a very long time.

Check out the full Carrom Signature Foosball Table review.


Tornado Sport Foosball Table

This is dubbed to be the highest quality game table. Priced $1,099 on Amazon – this Tornado Sport Foosball Table is considered a foosball dynamo which could be the most expensive in the market but is well worth the price tag. This is also made in the United States and made out of durable MDF with mahogany melamine finish. The table is definitely tough and can withstand rough play for years. This also has adjustable legs and boot levelers which are appropriate for growing kids and adults. This is said to be one of the most popular gaming tables in the world for many reasons than just profit alone.

Check out the full Tornado Sport Foosball Table review.


 Tornado Sport Foosball TableCarrom Signature Foosball Table
 Tornado Sport Foosball TableCarrom Signature Foosball Table
Amazon Rating
Lowest Price$1099.00Amazon See it$659.00Amazon See it
TypesFoosball TableFoosball Table
Weight205 pounds180 pounds
Product Dimensions56 x 30 x 36 inches57 x 31 x 17 inches
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Never Settle for Less

With the rising popularity of foosball especially with the younger breed – market prices fluctuate and a lot of sellers could be taking advantage of the hike. It’s really difficult to make that buying decision which is why you have to check reviews before sealing the deal. The demand for foosball tables is high and the supply seems to be very limited which accounts for why there are a lot of pricey models out in the market.


Checking out certain specifications and features, you will observe that there are items which have exactly the same features and material but have different range of prices. You have to know what sets one apart from the other to make an informed purchasing decision. It pays to read foosball table reviews and get into the loop of foosball. There are specific rules of engagement for every foosball warrior. Push the envelope further. Never settle for less because every mancave deserve the best foosball table.